Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tips for the Holidays

Well it's official!  I am registered for Rehoboth Beach Seashore Marathon and Half Marathon-2011.  The even better news is that it benefits Make a Wish and the Fire Department.  YEAH!

Tonight I was supposed to walk, but my knee was really bothering me the last two days so I took today off.  It killed me because I have tomorrow off too (Bible study at lunch and Choir at night), but I have to listen to my knees.  Besides, I can do some overtime tonight so that's a bonus.

Today I attended a presentation at work about Savoring the Season.  The focus was on planning ahead for the holidays to help reduce stress.  And I don't know about you, but for me STRESS=FOOD.  It was very informative and helpful. The crazy thing is that I could have given the presentation. As stressful and depressing as the Holiday season is, it's also my favorite time.  I love my family.  I have a very large immediate and extended family.  That means lots of presents, cards, and parties.  I have a lot to plan for and I generally get started in October (I am almost done shopping..but quite frankly I have about 50 people to buy for).  Even doing that I'm still running around like crazy, but I have definitely learned to reduce the stress.

I will share some of my favorite tips that have worked for me:

*Make a list of people that you buy for
      I have so many people that I have forgotten presents that I had already bought
*Wear comfortable shoes when shopping
*Avoid buying food related gifts (that's a personal one)
*Bring an extra gift for kids and adults to family parties in case someone extra comes that you may have forgotten

*Keep a toiletry kit ready so that you don't forget anything (including feminine products)
*Pack healthy snacks for the trip
*Make sure you drink lots of water on the trip
*Make a list of events you will be attending and select clothes accordingly (if you can wash your clothes at your destination drop an outfit or two)

*Make sure you eat a healthy lunch before your big meal
*Plan on buying the food needed several days before the event.
*Offer to bring a veggie platter or side if you are a guest
*Avoid buying or making cookies too soon.  You may eat them before you need them.

These are just a few things to help.  If you plan ahead then you can continue to add working out to your schedule and not feel bad :-)

In addition to these tips please note that now is the perfect time to prepare for the new healthy you!  Ask Santa for healthy presents:
-Yoga Mat/Dvd
-Exercise machines
-Gym Membership
-Sporting Equipment
-Salad spinner :-)
-Subway Giftcards
-Workout clothes
-Water bottle with a filter
-Spa gift certificate
-Healthy Cookbooks
-George Foreman Grill
-Vegetable steamer
-SkinnyGirl Margarita mix :-)

I hope this helps and please feel free to share any tips you might have...Happy Holidays!

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