Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Biggest Loser - Episode 11

It's my favorite week on the Biggest Loser Ranch.  It's MAKEOVER WEEK!

It's also my favorite challenge.  It's Put Your Weight Back On Time.  The remaining contestants put on weight packs with the amount of weight they lost each week.  Then they must climb a mountain.  Every so often there is a weigh in drop off.  They take off the weight they lost for each week.  The winner gets a 1lb advantage at the weigh in.  Really though, they all get SOOOO much out of this challenge.    When they realize just how much weight they were carrying around and how much easier it is on their body when they lose the weight.  Get out the's a good moment.

Now it's Makeover time!

The first step is a spa day.  Massages...Facials...good stuff.  Then it is time for shopping.  So the chick from the Style network is on this year.  I WANT TIM GUNN BACK!

Antone is the first one up...Mister gets a suit...hasn't worn one in Years.  Next up is Vinny.  Vinny is in one of my favorite Country Trios (that's right...I've seen him twice at Toby Keith Concerts).  He is famous for his overalls.  They are not allowed in Beverly Hills.  Soon it's John's time. She won't let him go for the blues and blacks (the fat person's favorite colors).  He comes out in a light coat.  Very nice boys.

And now for the Ladies.  Miss Becky is up first.  We don't see anything before they talk to Sunny.  She admits that she hates shopping. She comes out in a pretty dress and heels...and then Miss Becky comes out in a FABULOUS size 10 blue dress.  You Go Lady!

Once the clothes are purchased they head over for the hairstyles.

After the makeovers, the contestants are given the red carpet treatment. They arrive in a limo at the Kodak Theatre.  There is a red carpet with a crowd and photographers.  It's a shock to the system when you are used to hiding from the cameras.

Soon they are sent inside for a private showing of Cirque Du Soliel.  But, you know they aren't going to see it alone...awwww...time for some family members to pop up.  There were some touching moments.  Becky's husband got down on his knee and put her engagement ring on her finger (she hadn't been able to wear it in years).  When Vinny was sitting with Bob and his girlfriend he expressed concern about his future.  He is the "fun fat guy".  Will people still expect him to be the person who eats for fun? 

Time to go back to the Ranch.  Makeover week is fun, but they lose a lot of gym time.  The trainers hate that.  So these last chance workouts are brutal.  Two of the three teams only have one person left.  While they are competing as individuals, they still belong to a trainer.  Two trainers are in danger of not making it to the end.

This is the final weigh before they go home. They will be back for the marathon.

The weigh ins...well it was makeover week.  Sunny only lost a pound (but she's in One-derland YEAH SUNNY). Bob isn't even her trainer any more and he's pissed.  Antone gets up there and drops 8lbs.  John is next and needs to lose 6lbs (that includes his 1lb advantage) to stay.  He got 9.  WOW.  Vinny comes up BIG with a 10lb drop. He's in the final four.  Miss Becky is up and needs to lose 4lbs to be safe.  Miss Thang pulls a 5!

Now I am sad.  I love Antone and Sunny.  I hate to see either go home. Sadly, Sunny goes home.  Although, I loved seeing her update!  She looks Fantastic!  She is back to teaching and her life is working out and work right now.  Three days a week she goes to bootcamp before work.  Three days a week he goes to the gym with her trainer after work.  And Saturdays she plays tennis with her husband.

My favorite quote of the night is from Sunny: My life had gotten away from me...and now I got it back.
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