Monday, November 28, 2011

Eat, Poop, Walk, Blog...

Happy Monday...

Well Vacation is over.  Luckily I had a half day today and worked the West Coast Shift.  That meant I got my walk in this morning.  I met my cousin at 7am (all of those Sunrise club mornings got me ready).  We headed over to the lake to walk for 4-5 miles.

Lots of good talking this morning.  As I mentioned yesterday, he competed in his first 5K on Thanksgiving and now he's training for his first Half in March.  GO RANDY! Hopefully he can come and be my cheerleader for in two weeks :-) 

Okay, so do you watch The Office?  It's one of my favorite shows.  My favorite episode is the Fun Run.  Michael Scott (oh how we miss you Mr. Carrell) gets the office to run a 5K for the awareness of the cure for Rabies.  The best part of the run is Andy's "nipple chaffing".  Before the race he puts band-aids on his nipples and halfway through the race they are bleeding.  It always makes me laugh.  So yeah, apparantly this is a real thing and I should expect to see this at the race.  OMG I don't know if I will be able to keep from laughing.  This could be bad.   Really bad.  Someone is going to beat me up over this.

That was just one fun topic that came up.  We also talked about Turkish baths and my fear of having have to go number two during the race.  So yes, I am a regular girl.  And I do mean regular.  (My mom is dying of embarrassment right now).  I eat my greens.  I fiber it up all day long.  The race is at 7am.  My fear is that I will need to go during the race.  I can't do that in a porta john.  I just can't!

After the walk we were meeting Mom, Auntie, and the grandmom's at IHOP.  Did you know that they now have a Light & Fit menu?  I KNOW!  I'm excited too.  Okay, so it's only a very small portion of the menu, but it's still there.  So I got a turkey bacon and swiss omlet with fresh fruit.  GO ME!  Well...after I ordered my white chocolate mocha (a girl's gotta stay awake).  So the lesson here is that a lot of places are offering healthy options.  You just gotta look for them and be strong.  It was delicious.  I had their whole wheat french toast last time.  It was goooooood.

After breakfast it was time for a quick shower then we had to get on the road.  Thank goodness there was no traffic.  I made it home an hour before I had to start work.  YEAH.  So I unloaded (more stairs...bah) and got to work. So here's the thing.  I was craving chocolate all afternoon.  I don't have any in the apartment, but I just really really wanted it.  What the heck?  I have a hundred things to do and all I have on my mind is chocolate.  I seriously have problems :-(

Before I go, I wanted to share a text I got this morning.  A friend who joined my family for Thanksgiving weighed in today: I lost 2.5 pounds during Thanksgiving week.  You are clearly a bad influence on my holiday fun.  Well I try. :-)

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