Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If you buy it then you will eat it!

Hello Beautiful People!

It's been a beautiful week so far and I've been able to walk 4 miles at lunch each day.  YAY!!!  It's felt good.  Real good.  It still amazes me that I like it so much.  Who am I and what did I do with the old me?

Last night the Eagles were home for Monday Night Football.  I knew it was going to be a traffic nightmare to get home so I thought I would go walk at the mall for a little while.  Just as I was leaving I changed my mind though.  I was away all weekend and I'm away this weekend.  I needed to come home and do some things.  As soon as I got home I whipped out the weights and worked my arms and shoulders.  Then I did some squats and abs.

So Friday is Tracey's last day at work before she starts maternity leave.  Obviously we are going to go out to lunch to celebrate.  Yesterday a few places were tossed around and we seemed to land on Chili's. I love Chili's I really do.  But, I was not feeling it. I would still go to lunch with them, but really I was annoyed.  This was not the ideal choice for me.  Specifically, the chips!  You get the bottomless pit of yummy chips.  I would eat them.  I've had them refill the basket and then take it home.  I can't say no to Chips and quite frankly I feel like I've had a big problem saying No lately (fudge, cupcake, chocolate covered oreos...bah). 

Trying to plan ahead, I got on the website to figure out what I would order.  I still wasn't feeling it.  So Tracey and I got to talking about other places to eat.  Naturally as soon as we do that I see the "Guiltless Grill" section on the menu.  Chili's has a grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat roll with a side of steamed broccoli.  I could have gotten that, but I will know that for next time. 

So every time I need to use the ladies room at work I have to pass by Robin's desk. Oh dear sweet Robin...or shall I say TEMPTRESS Robin?  She has a jar of my favorite candy on her desk: Candy Cane Hershey Kisses....Oh I heart them!  I want to grab that jar and run for the hills every time I pass her desk.  I had one yesterday and none today.  Of course I resisted because my secret plan was to stop and pick up a bag on my way home.  I resisted though and didn't.  I don't trust myself not to eat the whole bag.

I have good reason to think that...I don't don't have much fudge left :-(  Argh...Remember: if you buy it YOU WILL EAT IT...I should know.

On that note I will tell you that I am getting very nervous.  I did not do well on Halloween.  Sure I was able to resist the candy leading up to the big day, but I did not behave myself that night.  I had a great time on Saturday.  I most likely would never have gone to a food show if my Aunt hadn't invited me.  I was happy to buy gifts for others, but I bought a little too much for me.  We are going to the Outerbanks in two weeks for Thanksgiving.  I can have high hopes, but I know myself. I won't be able to resist the whole time.  I will have two weeks before the Race and I think I can handle that...but then what happens between the Race and Christmas? 

Thank goodness I have you now.  I really hate when I tell you about bad food choices.  And on that note, I'm going to get on the floor and do more abs :-)

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