Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One hour alone with my brain

Today's Lesson: Make sure your ipod is charged and turned off before you go to bed.

You can probably guess what happened when I went to go walking at lunch.  Yup, my ipod was out of juice.  Bah.  I heart my little Nano.  I recommend it to everyone.  It's small. It has a clip.  It has radio. Most importantly, it has a pedometer.  It's awesome. However, there is no "off" button.  It has a sleep mode. I have not had any problems until today.

Immediately I thought Great, now is a good time to go to Starbucks.  It was supposed to be an off day anyway (Bible Study got pushed to Friday).  I told myself NO.  You have a marathon in 31 days.  You need to get off your butt and walk.  I was scared though.  One hour with just me and my brain.  There is no telling what would happen.

The first thing that hit me was that yesterday was beautiful, but I was really hot walking in jeans.  Today I wore a skirt with my fake uggs....I realized only too late that I had not shaved since Friday so I got a little nervous that if my legs rubbed together I would start a fire.  Mental note - shave tomorrow please.

I started off figuring it was a good time to chat with God.  I have my morning prayers before I get ready in the morning, but I thought this was a good time to go a little deeper.  That lasted about twenty minutes.  I still had forty to kill.

I started to mentally plan out my next month...31 days until the Marathon.  Will I have enough training time?  I really need to get back to a couple 8 mile days during the week.  I immediately picked Thursday this week. And then I thought maybe not. I'm going away this weekend and I need to pack and get some laundry done before I go.  So now I'm questioning myself.  Do I really need to do that?  Am I just making excuses?  This is what I was worried about. would the fat angel get into my brain if I didn't have distractions?

I did a load of laundry tonight so now maybe I can walk tomorrow night too and not feel bad :-)

Friday I am going out to lunch and then heading down to the beach after dinner.  No time to walk then.  Bah.  But, saturday is wide open.  I am getting a 10 mile day out of it if it kills me.  Sundays are usually my day off, but I have to do some walking. Maybe only 5, but that's good.  I have no plans next weekend so that will be my next trial run. I should also pack for the Outerbanks that weekend.  Okay, I feel better about my plans now.

So then my brain stayed on the Outerbanks.  What do I need to pack?  Clothes? Books? Yarn? Movies? Bathing suit (hot tub..I'm not crazy enough to go in the Ocean)?  Laptop? Sneakers?  I really hope the weather is nice.  I plan on walking a LOT.

We have a "Sunrise" club.  That's right, on my vacation I am leaping out of bed before 6am to get everyone up and ready for the sunrise over the ocean. :-)  It's my favorite part of the day.  I always say I will take a nap later, but I never do.  Usually I run down to the beach immediately after it rises to get even more pictures.  This will be a good time to get used to walking at 7am.  So the plan is to walk for at least 5 miles after each sunrise.  Then I can shower and then I can nap.  WOO WOO.

The ride down and back is always a long long drive.  It's generally an all day affair.  It's hard to get in a workout that day except when we get to unload the car.  Carrying all of the bags up the steps is just plain sucky.  The first time I did it was when I had just started the South Beach.  I was not in the best shape.  It did get easier each year.  This year I say BRING IT ON!  I am planning on doing the steps for 5-10 minutes every now and then.  Well that's the plan anyway.

So the Outerbanks got me through the rest of the hour.  I am proud to tell you that even without my music I kept up my pace.  I thought for sure it would drop off because I didn't have the music to push me.  And on that note I am going to go charge my ipod for tomorrow.  Sleep well my friends.

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