Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sing it with me: "Working. Playing. Day or night. Jordache has the look that's right."

Hello Beautiful People,

So let's talk jeans.  There was a time when I hated jeans.  I mean HATED jeans. 

I did enjoy my first pair of Jordache jeans back in grade school.  In high school I sported some acid wash that I liked.  And that was it. I went off to college and I hated them. 

Of course that stems from me gaining a lot of weight in college and jeans aren't exactly your friend at that time. There is nothing worse than having to lay down on your bed to zip up.  It was a regular thing for me and jeans.  That's so depressing.  And then when you stand up your insides are squished and your outsides are pushing up and out.  It ain't pretty.  So I lived in sweatpants and leggings (the fat girl's best friend) in college.

After college I maybe owned one at a time and I barely ever wore them.  Things changed back in 2000.  I was working in NYC and my job allowed me to wear jeans to work.  That was a time when I was walking a lot and losing some weight so I actually enjoyed wearing them.  Well sort of.  They still were too tight.  You're asking yourself why is that if I was losing weight.  Well, no matter what size I was, my brain would not let me try on anything better than a 14.  So if they buttoned, I bought them.

A few years later I found a pair of jordache jeans and nearly went insane with excitement.  I wore them all of the time.  So it made me buy another pair.  Unfortunately, I was going through a very bad time and I only gained more weight.  Fortunately, I still wore ginormously large sweaters or sweatshirts with them so I could actually wear them without even buttoning or zipping them.  Yep, did that for a year.

I hated shopping for jeans so much that I would wear them thin.  The butt or inner thighs would wear so much that they would split.  I blame chub rub. BAH!  So I would buy patches and iron them on.  The BIG patches.  Patch after patch I would try to fix them.

So that long run of bad jeans experiences left a bitter taste in my mouth.  Even after I started to lose weight again I did NOT want to try them on, until the day I fit in skinny jeans.  It was a glorious summer.  I was wearing a size that I had never worn before.  Ahhh... Wait, did you catch that?  I WAS wearing a size that I had never worn before.  Bah.  I gained again.  I even had three very public experiences where my pants split.  One happened to be at a wedding shower I was hosting.  Luckily I was wearing pretty panties and we were playing the clothespins game. 

Luckily I had not gotten rid of my fat jeans.  So now I was up to 4 pairs.  Two pairs that I could not fit in and 2 pairs that depressed me to fit in.  Bah!
So now on to the good news.  A few months ago I did donate my Stretch fat jeans!  Yeah. In the last couple of weeks I bought 3 more pairs of skinny jeans. This morning I was trying to decide which pair to wear and I pulled all of the jeans out of the drawer.  I'm up to 8! WOO WOO!  Here's the bet part: I can fit in them all.  I am not holding on to them for "skinny" days.  I had actually forgotten about the pair that I wore today.  haha.  Now I just have to decide which ones to pack for my weekend trip. :-)

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