Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Traveling

Hello my wonderful Peeps!

Well it's Tuesday and right after work my Thanksgiving holiday begins.  Can I get an AMEN?  I have been waiting for this for a long time.  As you probably know, I'm heading down to the Outerbanks tomorrow.  YEAH.  We will be at my Aunt's house on the Ocean (dreamy sigh).  The stress completely leaves my body the minute I get out of the car.

Nothing relaxes me like the sound and smell of the ocean.  I can practically feel my body relaxing right now.Ahhhh....

But first, I have to get there.  It's quite a trip.  I will be leaving the Philadelphia area and picking up my Grandmother after work.  Then we are off to my mom's in Virginia.  That means we have to drive around DC on the beltway.  No traffic this is a 3 hour drive.  It's going to be a long night.   I am packing a peanut butter sandwich so that I am not antsy for a burger and fries.  I will also be packing some water.

In the morning I am getting up early and putting in at least 30 minutes on the treadmill (although I'm hoping for 60 since I'm already packed).  We'll have breakfast and a Starbucks run before we get on the road. It's an 8 hour ride.  Now it's probably realistically a little over 6, but we stop a lot.  Lots of water means lots of potty breaks.  We also want to stop and eat.  No eating lunch in the car.  Stop and enjoy a nice healthy meal.  Just accept the fact that it will be a long ride and make the best of it.

We will have snacks packed for the ride, but the majority of the food will be in the trunk.  So as to avoid the temptations.  It's the only way fudge has ever made hit home from the beach with me.

Road trips are tough.  I know you know what I'm talking about.  You are sitting for hours and passing signs for fast food places.  Your brain plays tricks and convinces you that you're hungry when really you aren't.  Be strong. If you're going to stop though, do it right.  Go in and eat.  It's hard to eat salads in the car.  Can't be done if you're driving.  So go in, order something healthy, sit and relax.  Rushing on the road only leads to more stress...which leads to more eating.   If you can, pack a lunch and pull over at a rest stop.  Many have lunching areas which are nice.  This will help avoid the temptations of fries.  It will also keep your car from smelling like fast food for the rest of the trip.

I travel a LOT.  So here are some tips that work for me:
*Eat and pee before you get on the road.  There is nothing worse than being hungry or having to pee five minutes into the ride.
*Make sure all devices are fully charged the night before
*If you travel by yourself, check out a book on cd at the library
*Fill up on Gas the night before
*Don't be a hero, stop and stretch your legs.  Any trip over 2 hours is tough if you aren't used to it
*Drink water and avoid salty snacks. Bloating sucks
*Enjoy the ride. 
*Make sure you have plenty of music
*Have napkins and baby wipes for messes (and for after pumping gas...so don't want to eat anything if my hands smell like gas)
*Make sure you have tissues.  You never know when you will need them.
*Bring a grocery bag for trash (especially if you have kids)
*If you have kids-pack an activity bag for them (books, games, movies)
*Pack the car wisely-Heavy and big stuff on the bottom then pack around it.

Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday.  I will be posting pictures from the beach...stay tuned


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  1. Hi Jennie,

    Just found your blog- loving it!!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Michelle in NJ

  2. :-) Thank you. That always puts a smile on my face. ;-)