Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Biggest Loser - Episode 7

It's week 7 on the Biggest Loser Ranch and it's time for a shake up.

The challenge divided the contestants into three groups - youngest, middle, and oldest.  Each group would step up to the table where their three favorite meals would be in front of them.  They were to guess the total calorie count for the entire table.  The closest got to pick their trainer.  The second closest got to pick from the remaining two trainers. Third place meant you got the remaining trainer.

I loved this challenge.  First of all they had to wear the shirts that they wore on day one.  They were huge.  Most of the contestants still have a long way to go, but you can finally see the transformations happening. Second of all, the looks on their faces of disgust at what they used to eat was priceless.  THEY GET IT!  There was no longing for the foods that were, but shame in how much they ate.

Not one of those meals was under 1700 calories.  The highest was over 4000.  In one meal! That's twice my calories for a day.  And yes, it was a mexican favorite :-(

Needless to say that shake ups on the teams were a bit emotional.  Only two contestants were able to stay with their original trainer.  This led to a lot of tears.  There was some frustration too.  These contestants have come to rely so much on these trainers that they are a security blanket.  Anna got particularly tough with her new group.  She drilled it in them that it's about them, not the trainer.  You're so right Anna!  After she kicked their butt in their first workout they were totally on board.  She rocks!

My favorite quote of the night was Bob (of course): Why am I standing over here alone?  I don't need to lose weight.

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