Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunburn, Headbands, and Bocce Ball

Happy Saturday Bleeps!

Wow, I could probably write for days. I feel like I have so much to talk about. My day was good. It was long though. I was hoping to get more done today, but it's okay.   I let myself sleep in a little. Then I made it to the gym for a nice workout before going to a BBQ. When I got home tonight I finally uploaded photos from cousin Kim's Baby shower to Facebook. Her due date was yesterday and my goal was to do it before she had the baby. I made it!

Oh and it's a night race in Daytona tonight...It's an exciting one!  Tony Stewart...CALL ME!

I will write about my July Fourth adventures tomorrow. Spoiler alert is that my back is a little sunburned...the rest of my body is fine. I did really well with my lotion everywhere else. But, this is causing a major problem sleeping, working out, and just plain wearing a bra. OUCH.

So yesterday I did have to work. Boo. The good news is that I got a lot of work done. Of course I was uber tired and a little sore and sick too. It was a planned Long Distance day, but that had to change because no way was I putting on a sports bra. I was a little stuffed up at work and decided to wait until I was on my way to figure out if I was going to the gym. If I could breathe in the car then it was a go.

I could breathe.

OH and let me just say, that I generally change at the office so I am always in my gym clothes when I get there. Well yesterday I was wearing a cute little skirt and I was rockin my legs. Was hoping any of the gym crushes would be there and appreciate it. haha.

I had planned on a 30 minute walk. I wasn't fully confident in my lungs and the goal was to not sweat. Sweat + Sunburn = Blisters. I cannot take blisters on my back right now. So the plan was to drink a lot of water while and force myself to get off of the treadmill and hit the ladies room. This would keep me slow and sweat free.

Gym Crush Headband dude was there...without the headband. Hmm...I kind of like him better with it on. Who woulda thunk?  I was doing well with my non-sweating so I decided to stay for an hour on the treadmill. Then I headed over for some abs and stretching. It's really hard to do a lot of abs if you can't lay on your back. ARGH.

I wanted to study when I got home, but my rockin Friday night consisted of hours and hours of laundry. Things like that have to happen when you are never home.

I let myself sleep in a little this morning. YEAH! I feel much better today. I got myself in gear and headed to the gym. I don't get to hit the gym on the weekends anymore since I'm not close to one so this was a nice bonus. I figured I would get an hour in, but quickly decided that I would make it 5 miles regardless of pace/potty stops.

I picked an open treadmill and looked up. ON COME ON!  ESPN2 was replaying the Hot Dog Eating contest from the Fourth. I was retching the whole time. And I knew the outcome. That didn't make it any easier to stomach. I just don't understand why would do that to your body. Eating should not be a sport. It's fuel for your body.

About 45 minutes in I looked up and saw Gym Crush Headband there...wearing the headband. HOLLA! Dude, if he is there on Saturdays, I may just make myself start hitting it up if I'm around. hahaa...I do need distance training...

After my 5 miles I went back to hit up abs and stretch. I am not sure why I thought I could do one thing that involved laying on my back, but I quickly sat up and bit my lip holding back the tears. That was not smart...but low and behold Headband was on the machines in front of me. Ahhh...I had decided that I would say something to him if we ended up by each other. He was right there as I was throwing out my papertowls. I froze. I don't know why, but I did. Dang it. I'm going to do it. I swear!

In the meantime, I had to get to the shower. I had a BBQ to get to. I didn't see him when I was leaving, but I hope he got to see me in my pretty dress. Cause usually he sees me sweaty and red faced. I looked pretty today :-)

I got to the BBQ and was happy to see two of my favorite people. My Pastor and his wife have been like second parents to me for 20 years. And last week was his final service before retirement. I wasn't able to be there. So it was nice to talk to them. It was also a reminder that I am now looking for a new church. There is one I want to check out by me tomorrow. I hope I like it. Church shopping can be very stressful.

So the party was fun. We were nice and cool in the shade, but I was invited to play Bocce Ball in the sun. It was really hot, but I was all in. I had never played before, but man was it fun. And yeah, I was pretty darn good. I was clutch and won both game for us. All of my years of skeeball have finally paid off!  If I wasn't sweating under that dress I would have played more, but ewwww.

The food there was your typical BBQ. I had a burger with some veggies, a little potato salad, and some taco dip. I kept it to one plate and filled myself with water. Oh, I did splurge on a coke. My treats for the rest of the day were from a fruit basket that was fruit on a stick. YUM! Cantaloupe. Watermelon. Grapes. Strawberries. Pineapple. I was a happy camper. 

I like the fact that I am not letting my sniffles and sunburn hold me back. These are exactly the excuses that the Former Fat Girl would use to do nothing. But, if you do it smartly you can be fine. 30 minutes of exercise a day makes a huge difference in your health. It doesn't have to be intense. It just has to be moving. Elevate that heart rate. 

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)

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