Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Wednesday: Happy Hour, Shark Week, and Pancakes

Hello Beautiful People,

Okay, all sorts of randomness today...good thing it's Wednesday!

Tomorrow is Boot Camp, but alas it is also Happy Hour. Normally I would skip, but we have been postponing it for weeks and this was finally a date good for 99% of the people and since I am organizing it I really should go. This date was picked before Boot Camp got extended or else I never would have agreed. *insert sad face*

The location has yet to be determined. It has been narrowed down to 3 spots: Plaza Azteca (Margaritas and guacamole), Fox & Hound (good Sangria), and Rock Bottom (home of the ballpark pretzel that makes me weep with joy). Oddly, I am secretly hoping for Fox & Hound because the calorie intake at the others may kill me.


My neck has been a little sore for the past week. I think it's a strained muscle, although I don't know from what. I didn't pull it that I know of. It's concentrated on the left side so I am hitting it with a heating pad and massager as well as neck stretches. But, I'm not good with these things. Seriously, when I was studying about injuries and illnesses I was constantly like "Oh maybe I have that...on no, I could have that.."  Well this sore neck is now "Oh what if it's meningitis?" Which it is not, but I think it's funny how I can go from Zero to Meningitis and skip over strained muscle.


So next week is Shark Week!  What are the chances that the gym will change the tv channel for that?  I can think of some awesome cross promotions!  "Run for your life! SHARK!" or "Get strong enough to beat up a Shark!" or "Easiest way to avoid a Shark attack: Stay inside at the gym."


This morning was Breakfast Club. Last night was a long fast run for me. I knew I was going to be hungry. I was looking forward to a bagel. This morning was not bagels. I thought I died and went to heaven: scrambled eggs, mini pancakes, hash browns, and turkey sausage.

I heart pancakes!


I have been keeping my hula hoop in my car. I have hopes of getting it at lunch and hooping in the parking lot or showing it to Gym Buddy Lisa after our workouts. Haha I can just see me hooping in the gym parking lot. If there was room in the gym I would take it in there. haha.


I love wearing anklets. I have a pretty silver change with three linked hearts. It's pretty and dainty. It's also how I keep a check on my legs and feet. In the beginning of the day I can easily slip 2 fingers between the chain and my ankle. Midway through he day I can get one finger. After the gym no fingers.  So if that changes I know I am way short on water for the day. So I drink water and elevate my feet.


This week while I was listening to ESPN Radio there was discussion regarding a bad call at home plate which led to the inevitable topic of instant replay. I won't get into that discussion right now, but one thing that was brought up was that Fenway still has the seats from when it was built in the early 1900's...back when the general population weighed much less. That could inspire a full post.


You may have seen this week that Tony Stewart was in an accident during a sprint car race Monday night. His little car flipped 5 times. And this was a tiny cart lacking the safety equipment that his NASCAR cars have.

The good news is that he is okay. YEAH!

This weekend they are racing at Pocono. It is a study weekend and I will not be attending, but if Tony Stewart were to call and invite me to watch the race..well I would be there in a heartbeat!  Tony Stewart CALL ME!


I have not been sitting on the Exercise ball at work for a while. Will all of my running it is killing my knees. When I am on it they just lock and stiffen up.  I miss it. It still sits by me and it's always fun to see people pull it up to a desk to sit with someone instead of a chair.

Today Mr. Mike sat on it. Dude is tall. He needs a large one. It's like Goldilocks finding the right fit. It's a medium and too big for me. He looks like an adult sitting at a little kids school desk.  'A' for effort Mr. Mike!


Last night was a big run. Tonight was a light walk, lots of stretching, and a water pressure massage. Thinking of stopping for another one after Happy Hour tomorrow night. Is that allowed?

Have a Blessed Night.

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