Monday, July 22, 2013

My Royal Family Obsession

Hello my Lovlies and Gents,

Wow so I wasn't planning on taking the whole weekend off from the Blog and now I have so many topics that I have thought about and want to talk about.  What to choose...what to choose...

Well actually the decision was made for me today. Congratulations to William and Kate on their baby boy!  Yes...I'm a Royal watcher. I am fascinated by them.  I was trying to figure out today why that is. I was never this fascinated with Diana. She was lovely and I fully admire all of the good will work that she has done.  I just wasn't obsessed. Actually I was a little Kennedy obsessed at that time.   I guess I have just transferred my obsession overseas.

Yes, okay. I am obsessed with the Royals now. I think the reason is because there is a lot of bad stuff in the news.   And there are also a lot of self-obsessed people forcing themselves into the public. And here are two beautiful people who are clearly in love and doing good work in this world. Of course I am excited for them.

And yes, The Duchess of Cambridge is my style icon.  She looks amazing in everything that she wears. Her arms and legs are amazing.  In fact, for most of her pregnancy had the cutest smallest little belly.  You just know that from behind you couldn't tell that she was pregnant.

I thoroughly enjoyed my computer free weekend, but I was going crazy. Would someone text me if she had the baby? Quick, check CNN for an update. Text Maci to see if she heard anything. For the love of God SOMEONE TELL ME IF SHE HAD THE BABY????

So this morning when I woke up to the news that Kate was in labor I was delighted. Yes, my first text went out at 6:30. When I got to work the IMs and emails were flying. Luckily Ms. Tracey and Ms. Carol are also Royal obsessed. Ms. Tracey and I went out for a little bit at lunch and yes, we were a little worried that we would miss the announcment.

We were overjoyed at the news. You never saw texts and IMs move so fast. We were so excited. If we had champagne and were allowed to drink at work we would have been toasting.

While I was at the gym I was watching the coverage and one of the headlines mentioned that when Kate makes her first appearance she will not have the fit body that we are used to. OMG!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  This is what's on the news?  First of all, imagine being one of the most photographed people in the world. I cannot even imagine that pressure. She appears to handle it well. I would lose it.

The woman just gave birth. Her hormones are going to be a little off. She's beautiful. There is literally no reason to bring that up. How many celebrities make an appearance within days of giving birth? Umm..about none. It's an intimate time for the new family. There is no need to subject oneself to public scrutiny over her body. If I had a nerf gun I would have nailed the TV. SHAME ON YOU!

Have a Blessed Night.

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