Monday, July 1, 2013

Even Trainers need Trainers

Happy Monday Bleeps,

So today I did something that I wasn't looking forward to. Today I submitted my workout journal to Trainer Alex for the Health & Fitness challenge.

I know I am getting my workouts in. I also know that I'm not getting my most efficient workouts in. I've got my head back in the game and I've been doing better now, but for a while there I was just rolling with the punches.

The reality is that I let a lot of factors dictate my workouts. And while in the real world: any workout is better than no workout, well that ain't gonna cut it week after week for me.  I want to be a Personal Trainer. I am my own best marketing tool. I need to make every workout count.

I put in a lot of running. A lot. I was working on my 5K time. And I did well with that, but I didn't work on my strength. And I know better.

Part of it is that Gym Buddy Lisa is injured and can only do legs workouts. Now, this absolutely no reflection on her. She is constantly telling me not to worry and to go do my thing. In fact, on Mondays we plan out our week to see what days we are there together. Even if I didn't want to go do them without her I could plan a day when she's not there.  But, if it's a night when I want to talk or vent or she wants to talk or vent, I end up doing cardio.

I can't exactly say why I wasn't sticking to my plans. There's no reason for it really except that I just didn't feel like it most days. I'd be too tired from work and just want to run or read on the treadmill. Okay, I did just think of something. My string of Rush Hour traffic was pretty icky for a while. On a good day I can get to the gym in 20 minutes. However, many days over the past couple of months it has been taking 45-50 minutes. Did I mention that it's still a 40-45 minute drive home after?  It's frustrating. I don't give up, but my workout suffers. Basically, I find a machine I like and stick to it because I don't feel like looking around for anything else that is open. 

For a little while I would try not to do anything that would affect my boot camp workout. And I always had in the back of my head: it's okay, I'll just do weights at home. Except that I am beyond beat after getting home from the gym and the last thing I want to do is more weights. I mean I have to make dinner, pack my lunch, shower...and by the time that's all done it's almost 9. I don't really want to push it back further.

Well a few weeks ago we were shopping and I found this beautiful dress. Love it. It looks amazing on me. It flatters my waist. It flatters my boobs. The only thing is that it doesn't flatter my arms.  I stood there in the fitting room fixated on my arms. I used to love them. LOVE them. I was so proud of how sculpted they were. I was still getting the occasional arm workout in, but not nearly what I had before. I almost cried.

And so that has been my driving force. I am back up to 2 upper body workouts, 1 legs workout, 1 boot camp class, and the rest cardio. I'm doing well, but it took a while to get there. Sometimes it would be easier if someone else planned my workouts for me. If someone was there to push me and challenge me.

I should be working out like I was my own client. And I wasn't. That's why I didn't want to give Alex my workout schedule. I didn't want him to look at and think "She knows better!" 

We are moving forward though. No more excuses. It's GAME ON!

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)

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