Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Wednesday: Gummy Bears, dehydration, and Massages

Happy Random Wednesday Y'all!

Alright kids, the week is half over. Thank goodness. It's been busy. I have not gotten a chance to study all week. ARGH!  Luckily tomorrow is my Friday. WOO WOO. I will be leaving right after Boot Camp and heading to cousin Kim's to have a little Baby Cassidy day on friday. YEAH!


So I forgot to mention something yesterday regarding my jeans. It has been so long since I put them on I was hoping that miraculously they would be hanging off of me. Sadly, they were not. They were not tighter though. So we'll take that.


Yesterday was Mr. Wil's birthday.  He received a 3lb bag of gummy bears. had me a gummy bear. I have been pilfering his gummy bear village. Not much, just a half of a handful to make me happy. And yes, with my OCD I separate them by color and then eat them.

I happened to notice that I always get way more red then any other color...turns out Mr. Wil doesn't eat the red. Will you Marry Me Wil? I will eat your red gummy bears!


This weekend is going to be busy. I have a family party in Jersey on Saturday and then a family party in Reading on Sunday.  Originally I was going to skip the party on Sunday and study. But, it went from being a birthday party to a birthday party/graduation party. I need to celebrate for Aunt Kathy. She has been one of my biggest supporters.  So I called mom and told her that I need her to be my chauffeur. I will ride in the backseat and study. That's at least 4 hours of study time. 


So there another little hottie at the gym wearing headbands. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but dang if that isn't a turn on now. WHAT?  Did I just say that.


Tonight I couldn't figure out what to do at the gym. Last night was a distance night and tomorrow is boot camp. I thought about doing legs, but then I decided that I would just keep it to a light walk and then get a massage. Ms. Tracey and I walked at lunch so I got 4 miles in today.

That massage is my savior. I kept it on my calves and oh how happy it made me.


This weekend I had a little scare. Mom-Mom was severely dehydrated. While I was making us lunch I noticed that she was leaning to the side and seemed very vacant. I asked if she was okay and she wasn't responding. So I dropped everything and ran over to her. She said she didn't know what I was saying and I pulled a chair over and guided her into it. I ran and got her water and a banana and in a little while she was back to normal. Scared the CRAP out of me though.

This is why I am constantly asking everyone if they have had enough water each day.



So tonight I had a lot to do when I got home. I considered not showering because I wasn't that sweaty, and then I remembered that I had to shave. I can't wait until winter.


Sending a Happy Birthday Shout Out to Heather!  Love ya darlin!


Today it was my day for Breakfast Club. I finally brought my Make Your Own Yogurt Parfait Bar. I had two different yogurts, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, and granola with almonds.  I loved it. It was a nice summer treat. It wasn't as popular as the bagel days though.

Oh well...more for me. I went back for a second cup of fruit.


Today I saw a headline: Miracle Diet-Lose 27lbs.

Little tip: if it says "miracle" in the's probably really bad for you...and most likely doesn't work.


Congratulations to William and Kate on their beautiful bundle of joy. They looked so beautiful and happy stepping out with Prince George. I was so happy and excited for them. And mortified when I heard there were articles on how she can lose the baby weight. Are you serious?  What is wrong with people?

On a more positive note, my obsession has been noted and I was invited to join a panel for a discussion group on America's Obsession with the Royal Family. I so wish I could take off tomorrow and participate, but alas, I must work.

And on that note, I'm sleepy and ready for bed.

Have a Blessed Night.

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