Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Random Wednesday Pre-Independence Day Style

Happy Random Wednesday,

Okay so I got another invitation to go to Cape May for the Fourth of July. I really wanted to go with my first invite, but I had a couple things holding me back. I have been driving too much lately and the thought of driving down and back in one day made me sad. It especially made me sad because I am the queen of day trips...and I'm just too tired to do it anymore. I think I would lose my mind if I was driving and stuck in traffic thinking that I could be home studying.

Well when the second invite came I decided that God really wants me to relax tomorrow. So I will go home after the gym tonight, shower, and pack an overnight bag and get on the road. I will meet my family at their hotel room tonight and break up my trip. Done. Decision made.

ps-will bring my flash cards and notebooks

Yesterday Ms. Tracey and I took Ms. Lety out to lunch for a belated birthday outing. She chose Baja Fresh *Former Fat Girl was screaming with joy...chips and salsa...come to mama*

I was somewhat good and got the chipotle mango chicken salad. So yummy. And I tried not to eat the shell bowl. I left half. Does that count?


I have a Fourth of July Party on the 6th of July...let it sink in...haha...and it happens to be right by my gym. So I'm contemplating going to the gym first and showering there before going to the party. Originally I thought that I would just take a run outside and get a little sun while I was at it, but I'm fairly certain I'll get some color at the shore tomorrow...sooo...gym it is.


My sore throat has been joined by a runny nose...argh...


So the beach means surviving the beach food. Plan: stop and pick up a turkey sandwich, water, and sliced apples for lunch.

One ice cream is allowed.

Also, putt putt at the beach is equal to a 5 mile run...didn't you know that?


While I was down at the beach last weekend we stopped and got caramel popcorn. I put some in my small bucket to take home. Good news: I have not had any.


Time to update your playlist:

Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred--the web's most popular workout music blog.
Selena Gomez - Slow Down - 128 BPM
Mika - Live Your Life - 104 BPM
Mike Posner - The Way It Used to Be - 128 BPM
Sean Paul - Other Side of Love - 120 BPM
Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us - 128 BPM
Emeli Sande & Kendrick Lamar - Next to Me (Remix) - 97 BPM
Calvin Harris & Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing (Tiesto Remix) - 128 BPM
Krewella - Alive (Cash Cash & Kalkutta Remix) - 129 BPM
2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa - We Own It (Fast & Furious) - 86 BPM
Selena Gomez - Come & Get It (Dave Aude Club Remix) - 130 BPM
To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.


So I'm pretty sure that I won't be posting tomorrow...Have a WONDERFUL Fourth Of July!

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)

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