Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Wednesday: Panera, Movies, and ABBA

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

Alright kids. I took today off to get some things done and spend some time with my mom and grandmom. I let myself sleep in just a little (not too much because I wanted to be able to go to bed tonight). Then I did my nails and then I went and got my oil changed. Truly exciting I know.

But then I went to pick up mom and grandmom and we were off to meet up with a dear (she likes to classify us as "old" no no!) friend Jen and her kids. We were meeting up at Panera before a quick visit before movie time.

Earlier Jen had texted me about the Panera "Hidden Menu"....DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS???  How did I not know?  There is a hidden menu with Power breakfasts and salads.

I got the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad: All-natural, Antibiotic-free chicken, baby spinach, romaine, tomatoes, apple-wood smoked bacon, diced eggs, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil.

All I am saying is that I have GOT to try their breakfasts!


I read an article today about a school principle that proposed that the school sells trash bags instead of candy for a fund raiser. Everyone uses trash bags and doesn't need candy. At first people laughed, but they raise over $20,000 every year. All of the families and the local businesses buy their trash bags from the school.

I Love it.  That gets a Woo Woo!


Update on my knee: Hasn't bothered me at all today. HOLLA!


So I am ready to schedule my exam.  :-)  I need to check on some PTO days at work, but I'm hoping for end of next month.


 I made an investment this week. I've been considering going the tea route for a while. I like tea and I enjoy when I make it, but I don't always have the fun stuff. Have you been to Teavana? It scared me at first. Looked too fancy. Plus, I didn't always love the samples they had. Well I have been tasting some samples the I like a lot. At first the tea seems expensive, but I spend more on Starbucks. And so I pulled the trigger.

I bought a pretty tumbler with a tea filter and then I bought two teas to mix. It makes a FANTASTIC iced tea. I haven't had it hot yet.

I don't put sweetener in it and so I have a nice sugar free milk free soothing drink.  So if you are ever at a loss at what to get me, a Teavana gift card will do :-)


Today we went to see Despicable Me 2. First off, big stinkin shout out to the Brandywine Regal Theater. It's were I go to see most movies (even when there was a theater 2 miles from me for the past 5 years).

They offer the special headphones for those hard of hearing. Well now they offer special glasses for Closed Captioning.  Technology amazes me.

I asked Grandmom what the closed captioning said for the Minions. It said "Speaking Gibberish". hahahaha.

Loved this movie. Go see it!  Although it made me hungry for chips and guacamole.


So I'll be going to the beach again Friday after the gym. I am determined to play mini-golf this summer if it kills me. I wonder if I can convince Mom-Mom to play with me this weekend. Maybe if I promise frozen custard after she may be in.

If anyone is at the Delaware/Maryland beach this weekend and wants to play, hit me up!


Boot Camp is tomorrow night...I looked at the weather and it appears that the earth will in fact be a million miles closer to the sun and in fact our faces may melt off of our heads when we step outside. But, I'll be there. Plan is to drink a billion gallons of water all day. I have bottle of gatorade for the car ride home after. Should be interesting.


hmm...not I can't stop thinking of frozen custard...


The other day at work Mr. Mike was telling me that he can't get the song and dance of ABBA's 'Waterloo' out of his head. I laughed and said I do the dance all of the time. He challenged me and I was about to do it, but he was a way from his desk. Tonight I put a "how to" video on his FB page...he has no idea that I am the person who sings and dances in my car, on the treadmill, in Target...I don't care who sees or hears. 

Let your guard down and bust out into song in public. Go ahead, you'll feel good :-)


Have a Blessed Night.

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