Monday, July 29, 2013

Spending the Day with Miss Cassidy

Hello Beautiful People,

Okay so now it's time to recap my weekend. We're going to start with Thursday night. The plan for Thursday was to go to Boot Camp after work then come sponge bath myself and change clothes before getting on the road. I was driving to Cousin Kim's to spend Friday with her and Miss Cassidy.

Well during the afternoon we got the email that Alex was not able to make it for class. Immediately someone suggested that I run the class. That would be cool, but I would need a little time to plan something out and I was swamped that afternoon since I had the next day off. I was a little excited at the thought though. haha. So then I thought I would take a run to the gym and shower there after a quick run. I might even get to see one of Headband Hotties. And then two things happened: 1-I remembered that it's a 90 minute ride after and I would not get in til late and 2-I got a call from Girl Power Teammate Ms. Carol that some of the ladies in HR were going to be doing a Tabata workout on the front lawn and I was invited to join.

And do after work I met up with the ladies and we began. Sergent Gina took the lead. She looked up the workout and put the app on her phone. If you've never heard of it, this is a series of intervals. You do a certain exercise hard for 20 seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds. You do 8 reps and then take a minute break before moving on to the next set exercise. It's full body and it's tough.

I really liked it, but I was also very aware of how much I have to stretch my chest and shoulders. They are not very flexible. I had to cut it short, but I put in about 30 minutes. I needed to get on the road. I had a baby to go see!

She is so stinkin cute!  SO cute!  I could have stayed up all night looking at her, but Kim had dimmed the lights and we turned on the nature sounds to help Cassidy fall asleep. Well someone fell asleep...but it wasn't Miss Cassidy. Yep, it was me.

We had plans for 11 am. So I set my alarm for 8. I would allow myself to sleep in a little, but still get up early. I had thought about going for a run, but I wanted to see how I was feeling. I was out. And I mean OUT. I hit snooze until I heard movement downstairs.  I decided that if it was meant to be, we would go for a walk around the neighborhood with the stroller.

So we got ready and headed out. My role for the day: Carry Miss Cassidy in her car seat. I'm on it! Who needs the gym when I can just walk around carrying this little peanut? The appointment was on the second floor and the stairs were narrow, but I got her up there safe and sound. And then back down when it was over. Hooray!

After the appointment it was lunch time.  We had another errand to run, but we needed to eat. Miss Cassidy was asleep and Kim said it would be easiest if we went through a drive-thru. I'm not about to argue. And so the streak is over. We went through the Wendy's drive-thru. I got a grilled chicken wrap, junior french fries, and a strawberry iced tea. I didn't want to order the fries, but I knew that one wrap was not enough for me. By getting the smallest size I figured it would work.  It was good and now we are back on the countdown: I have not had fast food for 3 days. Woo woo!

Okay so our errand was a trip to Toys R Us/Babies R Us for presents for the party on Sunday.  I was walking around in my cushy flip flops and my knee was really feeling it. I was not getting the support I needed and it started to swell.  My hips also started to hurt. Argh. I could have worn my nike slides, but they didn't go with the outfit. I know better than that. Never again! I could not wait to get back and put my brace on.

While we were walking around we found the best bib!  Hey Tony Stewart, CALL ME!  The bib says it all.

So I know what you're thinking. Miss Cassidy is my cousin's daughter. That doesn't make me her Aunt. Well we decided that since she doesn't have an Aunt I will fill that roll. Every girl should have an Aunt that will spoil her and do anything for her. I happen to have 7 wonderful Aunts and she deserves the same. Aunt Jennie Hearts Miss Cassidy!

We had some things on our list to take care of when we got home and got to it right after I put the brace on.  For dinner we grilled burgers and chicken and had a lot of veggies to go with it. Okay, well, Kim grilled. I got the food out and called her a baby hog so I got to sit and snuggle with the little Peanut while dinner was prepared. It was the best hour of the day!

I was doing a load of laundry for them before I left and noticed the biggest hula hoop I have ever seen in my life in the basement. I asked about it hoping I could find one similar. She said that friends made it and offered it to me if I really wanted to use it. HELLO! YES!  I heart it. It's so awesome. I am a hoop machine I tell you!  I could hula hoop all day long with this hoop. Thank you darlin!

So I didn't get to talk about Mr. Brad a.k.a. Miss Cassidy's daddy because he was at work all day, but I have to just say watching him with Miss Cassidy is just too cute. That little girl has her daddy wrapped around her finger.  Love you both!  And just know that Aunt Jennie is all in for babysitting!

I didn't get to study while I was there, but I did watch a video and take a quiz when I got home at midnight.

Have a Blessed Night.

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