Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day of Rest: Study and read the worst short story EVER

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Today was my day to rest and regroup. I had nothing officially planned...ahhh.  I knew I was going to study and had hoped to get in a run or something.  But, I had nothing official going on.

I plan ahead. I have to. My life is too crazy busy. I know when my Rest days are.  But, sometimes they need to happen unplanned.   Thursday was my planned rest day. I made sure to do my Final Assessment the day before and I had the Memorial service after work. That was a rest day, but it was not a Day of Rest. There is a difference.

I went to the gym last night and planned on studying when I got home, but opted to do my nails instead. I was having a hard time staying awake all day and I wasn't sure that I would comprehend anything that I studied. And so I decided to let myself sleep in this morning.

So the question of the day was: Do I do yoga, go for a run in the park, or go to the gym?  I wanted to do one of them because Sunday is a planned rest day. I may not have worked out on Thursday, but it most definitely was not restful. So I'm good with 2 rest days. Plus, we have been on baby watch for baby Cassidy.

*Side bar: Cassidy has arrived! YEAH!!! Congratulations Kim and Brad. I cannot wait to meet her tomorrow!*

So I woke up this morning and I was very much enjoying my bed. I didn't have that much left of the book that I was reading so I opted for that. Then I would decide what to do. was good the first 80% of it and then the ending kind of let me down.  Argh.

The weather was iffy and I didn't feel like taking the 40 minute drive to the gym and I decided that my body was super tired. Let's rest.  Besides, my foot has been bothering me.  I can study in bed or in the chair, but I am going to rest. I've earned it. So for all of you who say I do too much, this day was for you.

I studied and studied. I also watched a little Rosanne and Golden Girls...I go Old School and I love it. They were fantastic shows and so ahead of their times. Thank you LogoTV for my marathons.

And on that note, I always had a little crush on John Goodman.  Just sayin. There's a post in there about how funny fat guys can be sexy so why not funny fat ladies?  But, that's for another time.

So I finished my chapters and took my quiz. I got a 70. DANG IT. As soon as I saw how specific the questions were I knew I wouldn't pass, but if I got close I would be happy.  There were two questions that I went back and forth on and had I went the other way I would have passed. Oh well. Now I know what to focus on.

By then it was dinner time. I had figured I would go out at some point today and I really just wanted to get out of the house so I headed off to Saladworks to grab something to eat. I was happy to pick my salad. I got the Autumn Harvest and substituted spinach for romaine lettuce. And I got a half of a sandwich. I do not have a lot of options within the immediate area if I want to go grab something to eat compared to where I used to live. But, I am super happy to have this as an option. Veggies are a good thing.

I opted to finish reading a short story on my Kindle. I love the author and have been reading it on my phone while I get massages at the gym. It said I was 45% of the way through. I could read a little then head back. Well um..I don't know how to put this...but that was the worst ending to a short story ever. EVER!  It was so awful that I have to share...kind of like Sharknado (which I missed, but i'm planning on watching next thursday during the repeat!).

Girl is walking tiny dog in park when a big "evil" dog comes and attacks it. She's screaming when a handsome man comes and pulls the big dog off.  And then she sees the deep wound in the dog and passes out. She wakes up in a house that is not familiar and soon realizes that it's the home of the evil dog (who belongs to the crazy eccentric lady in town). Before you know it the man is there and they are flirting. He has patched up the dog. No, he's not a vet, just a screenwriter who shadowed a vet for a movie he wrote...of course..and they are planning a date. She comes back for the date and wanders into a bedroom and discovers the body of the eccentric old lady in bed next to a bunch of medical instruments. She lets out a scream. He explains by saying that his grandmother planned her funeral to the T and wanted to be embalmed at home by the best. But, the best was in LA and hasn't been able to get to the house (it's been 8 days). He shows her the will to prove he's not then they decide to go for a walk in the park (she has no appetite now).

Pardon me, but WTF!  I was eating and lost my appetite at this. How is this published and I couldn't get an agent for my novel years ago?  You wanna know what happened? I finished eating my salad and went up and got a cookie. I was pissed.

Alright, I want to study a little more before bed. Plus I need to find a new good book to start that won't let me down.

Have a Blessed Night.

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