Friday, July 5, 2013

Flashback Friday: Days of Rest are Contagious

Flashback Friday: Beware: Days of Rest are Contagious

Clearly they are. I had yesterday off and am seriously thinking of taking today off. Now I am a little under the weather, but I can still put in a light walk. A 30 minute walk won't kill me. Usually I change for the gym at work. Today I am not. If I can breathe in my car (I always get stuffed up at work when I am not feeling good) then I shall go for a light one.

Today is supposed to be a Distance day. Argh!  But, I have to be smart. I'm no go to anybody dead. And I know that I am going to hear that I need to take care of myself after I post this. And I am. A 30 minute walk is light/moderate for me. And the rule of thumb is that if your icky feelings are in your head (no pun intended) you can still do it. It's when they are in the belly that it's a problem.

I was planning on hitting the gym tomorrow before the party. That may be on hold. We'll see hot tonight goes.  I can't let yesterday's day of rest keep going.

Beware: Days of Rest are Contagious

Hello Beautiful People!

Did you get in a workout today? I did. After MUCH debate. Why? Because just as they say in Nascar: Cautions breed Cautions. Well I believe that Day of Rests breed more Day of Rests. BAH!

I usually have one day of rest a week. I know, that may sound like I overdo it to some of you. My schedule is not for everybody. I know people are happy if they can find time 3 days a week. I need this though. I'm still on a journey and I'm getting older. It's getting a little harder to make changes to my body.

So I had my usual Wednesday day of rest. Then I had Friday too because of travel. I worked out on Saturday and had every intention of working out on Sunday. The plan was to get up and go to 8am Church Service and then hit the gym before the race and games started. But, I did have some margaritas the night before and my body was completely enjoying a "relaxing weekend". And so the plans changed to 'sleeping in and going to the 10:30 service. And then I would run home and hit the gym before Heather came over.

Service went a little long and I didn't get back until noon. The plan was for Heather to come over around 1. So instead of working out, I ran up and showered and packed up so that I could enjoy the race and Sixers game :-)

Once I was showered I sat on the couch to read a little. And then I laid down to read. And then I put the book down and closed my eyes. I have been really pushing myself. My body is TIRED. I hated taking a third day of rest in such a short period of time. Especially with the food I had eaten. But, I don't want my body to turn on me. If I run myself into exhaustion I will end up getting run down and sick. Then I will be out of commission for a few weeks. So a couple extra days of rest are worth it.

So now the problem is that my body is going "Hey there sister...this is nice. How about some more?" And then the brain kicks in "You know how much you have to do right? You need to do laundry, you need to go grocery shopping, you have projects, you're going away this weekend when are you going to get this done?"

I love to hit the gym. I really do. I know this. So what's going on? Why do I try and talk myself out of it so often? Old habits? Is it the Former Fat Girl Fighting me? That's what I fear. I have come so far, but she had control of this body and mind for so dang long. She's not giving up without a fight.

Tomorrow is boot camp. We are expecting rain tonight and it will be damp tomorrow, but I was assured today that it will not be postponed. So that's all I needed to push aside those negative thoughts out of my head. I needed to hit the gym tonight for a walk/run. I need to be limber tomorrow. Well that and Monday = Gym Crush 2.

And what happened when I walked into the gym? Do you know what day it is? It's the first monday of the month...that means pizza night. BAH! And let me just say that I walked in to see two large women sitting there eating slices and I wanted to Scream! Just because it's at the gym does not make it okay.

Now with that being said, part of me thought: Hey, money is tight until payday. This is a free dinner. No one has to know. I would know! So I walked right to the locker room and got changed. After my workout I pulled out my protein bar as I left. No pizza for me! I was very happy with myself.

My next day of rest is Wednesday (my birthday :-) and then I have another travel day on Friday. However, I am going to try and hit the fitness center when we get there. I will workout Saturday morning and really try to wake up early on Sunday. If I can't get to the gym I will at least take a walk :-) Let's hope for some nice weather.

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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