Monday, July 8, 2013

My Independence Day

Happy Monday Bleeps! was one of those days. I took it out on the legs at the gym. My fantastic legs...

Okay, so last Wednesday I mentioned that I got my second invite to go to Cape May for the Fourth. As it is my most favorite place on earth and I was super torn about what to do with the first invite I decided it was a sign. I would just deal if I was stuck in traffic. I could study my flashcards if I was really sitting. It also helped that I was starting to feel sniffly and could talk myself into going based on the fact that I would not want to study if I was sick. Man, I am good.

The original plan was to do the circuit training class at the gym. Gym Crush Big Dude has been taking it.  But, I got out of work a little early and I started my cardio early. I did some interval running and my breathing was not the greatest. I was okay, but I did not want to push it. So I quickly did a few push ups (umm...sitting on the beach the next day people!) and headed out. It's okay, GCBD was not there.

On my way home I quickly stopped at Walmart for a couple things...I returned the bathing suits I got the week before and actually found a new tankini top that I loved.   I just wasn't sure if it was too young for me.

Then I ran home, showered, ate, packed my bags, and got on the road. My throat was so sore by the time I pulled off of the highway that my car turned towards chick fil-a for a shake. They were closed. Blasted!  Oh there's an Arby's across the street. I'll just get a shake there. What the heck? Where do you turn in? I could not find the entrance. Dang it!  So I just proceeded to the hotel.

My Aunt and cousins had been at the shore all day. And they were burnt. Oh no. No time to worry though. Time to go to bed and rest up for tomorrow. But first, let me check my phone. OH COOL!  The guitarist from my favorite band, 3 Doors Down, is now following me on Twitter...Um Heck yeah!  I followed him earlier in the week. Turns out he's a runner and a vegan. Cool. Also of note, Tony Stewart was in one of the band's music videos...Oh yeah! One step closer baby!  Tony Stewart Call me!  Or Chris Henderson Tweet me!  haha.

Okay, so it wasn't the best night sleep I ever had. The bed was comfy, but the nose was stuffed. BAH. I couldn't breathe. And then miraculously I woke up feeling much better. I lept into the shower and started to get ready. I put on the new tankini top...okay, If I shoved my boobs to the side I was fine. Feeling a little self conscious though.

The plan was for me to grab breakfast downstairs then head over and get a spot on the beach. It was a little bit of a drive so I was taking no chance. My Aunt and the girls would meet me there later. So I got a bowl of cheerios with skim milk and a banana before I left. I didn't want to experiment with breakfast meats or yogurt and then sit in the sun.

Once I was on the road I stopped at Wawa to pick up some lunch for later: Turkey hoagie on a small whole wheat roll with mustard, spinach, cucumbers, and tomato. I also grabbed some apples slices, cut fruit (pineapple, mango, and strawberries), banana, a Cheese grape and pita chip mix, and a couple bottles of water. No bloating on this watch!

I found a free parking spot that is an 8 block walk to the beach. I made it! I found my spot on the sand and sat back to relax. Ahhhhh....

When I got there I practically had the place to myself. The ocean was right in front of me. And then moments after I took this picture two families parked themselves in front of me. DOH.  Don't care. I just closed my eyes and let the sound of the ocean wash over me.

As I was laying on my back I even pulled my tankini top up to expose my belly. I figured a little 30 minute exposure to the sun wouldn't hurt. I lathered up. Don't worry.

The day was gorgeous and I periodically got up to stick my feet in the water. And then I would alternate laying on my stomach and my back. I tried to get the lotion on my back, but I couldn't reach it all. My family was not there yet and I had to keep flipping. Only my front got color last week and I could not keep that going. I would look super silly if only the front of me was dark.

I ate my lunch and relaxed. I didn't even put music on and I read for only 30 minutes. For four hours I just sat and people watched. Well that and I kept adjusting my boobs. I was feeling a little boobalicious, but I saw much more than me exposed so I didn't feel too bad. In fact, I was even a little excited when I noticed a bunch of gentleman and young men turn their heads as I walked by. That is a HUGE coup in my book. As much as I love the beach, it was not always the best place for my self esteem over the years.

After four hours it was time to get up and head to the car. I bring a bag to shower at the outdoor shower. I bring shampoo and soap to refresh my body. On my way back to the boardwalk I ran into my friend Mike. We had planned to meet up and I hadn't seen him since high school. So that was a nice visit. He was the first invite to Cape May.  After my shower and walk back to the car to drop of my bag we went on the hunt to meet up with my Aunt and Cousins before they had to leave for the airport. As soon as we found them the first thing I wanted to do was get ice cream. It was a hot day and my lips were a tad burnt. So I got my frozen custard twist of vanilla and chocolate...ahhhh.

Oh yeah, my breathing and throat were fine at the beach. *Allergies*

Okay, so we didn't have much time before we all had to get on the road. It was hot and Mini-golf could take a while. That leaves only one thing. SKEE-BALL!  HELL YEAH!  Hold the phones, it's up to $0.50 a game now????? COME ON!  Still playing!  My favorite thing about skee-ball is when we find a little kid in the arcade and off him all of our tickets. In this case we found two young brothers...and one was not quite willing to share with the other.  Oops.

Alright, so we are at the Arcade and we all know that my favorite thing to eat in Cape May is the pork roll's not on the menu. HOLY HELL!!!!!!!

Me: you not have Pork roll anymore? *biting my lip to keep from crying*
Chick behind the counter: No. We'll be getting it eventually, but not right now.
Me: Goodbye cruel world...*As I prepare to throw myself off of the Jetty and into the angry ocean*

DENIED. What do I do now?  I shop.  Well first Mike and I went back down to the beach while Aunt Kathy and Cousin Hannah actually did go into the water. The day was so beautiful by the water that it was not even funny. GORGEOUS I say.

At this point Mike had to leave and Aunt Kathy and Hannah needed to shower...a la outdoor shower just like me! I am a trend starter!  Been doing this for over 10 years. haha. Well since the family had to sell our Cottage there. Boooo.

Anyway, while they showered I was off across the street with cousin Keeley to take a look at a sweatshirt I liked. Eh...I liked it better in the window. In person it was a long jacket. Still cute, but not quite room for my boobs.  And then I found a pair of shorts I liked. They have pockets. Sold!  When the others arrived I found a pretty beachy sweatshirt. I tried it on and got the ooohs and ahhhs that I was looking for. And when I went to take it off I started to scream. That's when I found out about the sunburn on my back. Kill me now.  That was the beginning of a very miserable 3 days.

Anyway, we still had to grab something to eat and they still needed to change. And there were two more stops that I wanted to make before I got on the road. Every time I am at Cape may I go to my favorite store: Swede Things and buy a little glass figurine. I have a cute little collection of glass fish..and a pig.

I also needed to go to the Fudge Kitchen. I cannot NOT go. I get my maple nut fudge and then I'm a happy girl. This time I split it with chocolate coconut. Now, I always get half a pound which is a bonus considering they are pushing the 2 lbs. I do manage to show some restraint.

By now it's late and they should have left an hour ago and we still need to eat and all I smell are burgers...could be steak...all I know is that there is meat cooking somewhere and I want some!  So we got burgers and then headed out.

I loved the day. Except for the burn it was perfect. I got to relax and spend time with friends and family. It could have been a horrible food day for me, but I kept the cheats to a minimum and I walked around a lot. It's a beautiful Victorian town and there is nothing like it.

Thank you Cape May for Loving me Back!

Have a Blessed Night.

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