Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Random Wednesday: Tony Stewart, Nipples, and Gym Goggles

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

So if you've been watching Nascar lately, as you should, there is a commercial with Tony Stewart for Mobil 1 in which he and another driver perform some stretches. Eventually Tony does a split to the amazement of everyone involved. Haha. It's funny..And then a little weird. Don't care though. I still watch it.

The interesting part is that Tony has never made his distaste for exercise a secret. This would be our biggest obstacle when he finally calls me. But, I think I can get him to come and see the light. haha. Tony Stewart Call Me!


So last night was my 10 mile distance training. I did really well and I was very proud. It was much better than the 8 miles I did a couple weeks ago. MUCH better. It would have been even better if I didn't have to stop every 15-30 minutes to blow my nose. Ick.


The other night when I was changing for the gym I was not excited about putting a sports bra on. My back was still burnt and it made me cry. So I decided that I would just wear my regular bra. It was legs night. I wasn't going to be jumping up and down or anything.

Um...So I've mentioned before that I have to wear a jacket at work to cover up my nipples. Well I was a little embarrassed at the gym. Dang it. I think I covered it okay and once I was warmed up I was fine. But initially it's cold in there.


It's Final Assessment time for the Health and Fitness challenge at work. We are having them today and tomorrow. I ran last night and my knees were killing me today. It took me about 30 minutes to walk down the steps today. :-( So ideally I should do the assessment tomorrow. But, I have a memorial service to go to after work and quite frankly I don't want to get sweaty during the day and then go to a service before I can shower. And so I did my assessment today.

Details to follow.


Haha...every day a friend at work asks if I put him in my blog yet. I told him that I will one day. Today he pointed out that he sends me good stuff all of the time. Hey's coming. Just stay tuned and keep reading Mister. hahaha.


Alright, let's just say it. I think I have gym goggles. I haven't seen Gym Crush Young Stud in a little while. Basically, I haven't seen him since colleges ended for the summer. NO!  I mean I know he was young, but I can't handle it if he's that young. I never envisioned anything more than just admiring his hard work, but still. I feel dirty.

Actually, I suspect all of my gym crushes are on the younger side. I think I'm a giant walking hormone. I may need to lift the ban on dating soon.


Today we had a bridal shower for Ms. Erica at work today. YEAH!  Surprise!!!!!  And she was. I heart her. She's so awesome. And you know every shower should have treats. 

As I sat there opening her gifts I kept eying up the table behind her. Chocolate covered pretzels. Brownies. Sugar cookies.

I resisted. I did indulge in a glass of sparkling grape juice and then I saw a container of treats...they were chocolate....and homemade. Turns out they were bake-less chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Hello!!!!

I had one. And I was not disappointed.


Since last night was distance night it was very hard to stay awake today. Throw in the final assessment and I have no idea how I was standing upright. So it was a two starbucks day. I had one of their drinks that you can get at the store in the morning. The mocha light is 130 calories. And then later Ms. Liz went to an official store and got me a tall mocha light frap. Ahhh...Much needed. And in total: 230 calories for both. I can live with that.


So I was drenched after my assessment and I still had to work for the rest of the afternoon. What to do with my hair????  Since it was wet I decided to go with headbands.  Normally I like thick ones to pull back the bangs. But, since the hair was wet I went with two of the thinner ones.

While I was pulling them away from my face to clear my nose I literally let  go and thwacked myself in the eye. Thank goodness I had my contacts in because otherwise I might be blind. As it was you may have heard my screams. It was not pretty. 

I wonder if Gym Crush Headband Dude has this problem?


Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)

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