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Flashback Friday: Even Senior Citizens passed me in the park today

Happy Flashback Friday!

This early post always makes me laugh

Even Senior Citizens passed me in the park today

I kid you not. The park where I go walking after work is a Memorial Park. It is awesome. There is a playground for the kids and a huge field. But, the best part is that there are trees all around it in memory of someone. It is kept nice because of the Rotary club.

I love walking. You know this by now. But, even I have struggles with it. I know it's a good thing. I know I like it. I know I can make time for it. I know that I will be fine once I'm halfway through. But, that dang skinny devil is sitting on my shoulder telling me not to. My knees are sore. I've walked already today. I have too much to do tonight. But, I had already posted earlier in the day that I was going to walk tonight. So I knew I had to (it's a good system). Even as I was pulling up to the park I was trying to talk myself out of it. I had already walked three miles today. I could just come home and no one would know.

I did not though. I pulled in and put on my sneakers. OH and bonus, I had gotten new socks this weekend and this was the first time I was wearing them. They were like walking on a cloud. So in addition to good sneakers, make sure you get a good pair of socks too. I have a tendency to walk hard and have been known to put holes in the toes (even though my toe nails are cut). These socks just might do the trick.

Anyway, I got out there on the track and walked. Now here's the embarrassing part. I have been wearing skirts this week and my lap times have not been as great as they should be. Why? Because of chub-rub. BAH. I hate it. You know what I'm talking about. Stupid fat thighs rubbing together. The chub is way smaller than it has been, but there's still a little there. I walk so much faster with pants and shorts, but I walk when I can no matter what I'm wearing. Ok, back to the chub-rub. It makes it hard to take long strides, so even if I am keeping up the pace I am not going as fast as everyone else. I tried walking with wide strides, but then I just looked like I was waddling. Not pretty.

I was in the zone thinking about my next blog post when not one, but two senior citizens go blowing past me. I watched. We had the same pace. They just had longer legs. BAH. A couple of laps later another passed me. I wanted to cry. It's so easy to get discouraged at that point, but I can't do that. Then that stupid skinny devil wins. I just have to picture the day when I can smoke these boys. HaHa.

Now I was only planning on doing three miles. But, just as I was about to start my final lap something happened. A gentleman with the most beautiful body showed up. I'm pretty sure my jaw is still on the ground. He walked on to the field with his sister(?), you know that's what I'm hoping, to play some football. So naturally I stayed out there for another mile. The lesson here is: use whatever motivation you need to.

I'm a pretty girl. I know this now. However, when I workout I look like a raggamuffin. I won't kid myself. I am not a pretty sweaty girl. My face gets red. I sweat all over. My hair never stays up. I itch all over. I don't even know what happens to my clothes, but they seem to balloon up. I'm sure I can pull off remotely attractive from a far, but I am not one of those perfect gym girls. Personally, I think if you aren't messy and sweaty you aren't doing it right, but that's just me.

I'm happy to report that I did get a couple of smiles and looks from him, SWEET, but I'm not delusional. I smell. I know it. I walked and sweated earlier in the day and I just did it again. So even if he can get past the mess, he ain't getting past the stink. I walk away without saying anything to him :-(

So, if you live in the Broomall area and know a beautiful man who went to the Rotary park to play football, please tell him that I heart him! We would make such beautiful babies. haha. Hopefully we will meet again. But, if we don't I will always remember him fondly. Hopefully he will remember me smelling like roses. Perhaps I will start wearing a car freshener around my wrist just in case.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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