Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If you've never been fat, you have no idea...

Happy Tuesday Bleeps,

So a couple thing happened today that I feel compelled to talk about. I'm just going to dive right in.

Every morning as I drive to work I like to listen to a sports talk radio show. I love this show. I've been listening for many years. There are two hosts. One is a skinny analyst and one is a former football player. They are great with each other. At one time they were both doing P90X together. One was slimming down and one was bulking up.

I've always cringed when the one would be referred to as "the big fella", but he's a former football player and well that's how it goes. He has lost a considerable amount of weight and they were discussing a new logo this morning that used older pictures. The F word was thrown around. I know the one guy didn't realize what he was saying, but he just kept throwing it out there. He was saying how the other guy is not fat anymore and that took away a lot of his jokes.

Maybe this talk doesn't really bother him, but I can't see how it wouldn't. He did at point point say that calling him fat hurts, but it was very softly spoken. I don't know if he meant it or was playing along.  It's hard to tell. But, I was very bothered by it. In all fairness, the skinny one is often picked on for his lack of muscles and athletic ability so it's probably just the nature of the show, but that doesn't make it right.

And then at work today came a conversation about larger people on planes. A larger woman was put in the middle seat and the people on either end were forced to sit on an angle.  Should she be forced to pay for two seats?  Lots of people thought she should. And then someone made the comment "It's as simple as burning the calories you eat."

I sat there ready to explode. But, I do not involve myself in certain conversations at work. I do not get involved in Political discussions, religious discussions, social issue discussions, etc.  Nothing will ever get resolved in a work conversation and I will just end up festering over that discussion for the rest of the day.

I sat at my desk about ready to pop. Seriously, I think I had steam coming out of my ears. I wanted to get up and scream, but I stayed seated. I'm sorry if that disappoints some people, but I did it for a few reasons. First being, that I really truly didn't think I could control myself when I unleashed the beast on this one and well, I didn't want to get fired. Second, and more importantly, I have yet to figure out how to rationally talk to someone who has never been fat about this. Because truly, they have no idea.

Sure, in theory if you eat the calories you have to burn them off. Then you don't get fat and then you don't inconvenience those sitting on the plane next to you. But, um...it's not quite that easy is it?  It sure as hell isn't. Portion size. Bacon wrapped everything. Fast food. Depression. Stress eating. Food addiction. Time. Money. Marketing.  If you aren't paying attention, the calories you can consume in a given day would need 8 hours of running to burn off. I don't know too many people that have 8 hours to workout every day.

If you've never been fat then you don't know how it feels. I gained 60 lbs without even realizing it. 
It's easy to say "just burn the calories you consume", but you weren't inside the Former Fat Girl's head. She was in denial. She didn't believe in herself. She didn't have faith that she could do it. And if she didn't feel like she could do it, why bother?  She should have been an actress because she could pretend 24/7 that she was healthy and fit.

A person doesn't get fat because they want to. It happens for a variety of reasons. I could jump on my soap box now and scream about how important it is to keep Phys Ed and health classes in school. I get extremely angry when I hear about these programs being cut. It's just making it harder for our future.

As far as the woman on the plane goes, I have a couple thoughts on this. I feel for those who have their space infringed upon, but I also feel for this woman. Seats are tiny. I remember hating to travel. I just felt like a blob for hours. What I don't understand is that with the growing numbers of obesity why there aren't special rows with larger seats?  And then I get mad that this is even an issue. What I wouldn't give to never hear these conversations again.

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)


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  1. the plane conversation is such a hard one. Its terrible for all three of those passengers involved but I have a problem with people saying that someone should pay for two seats. and no its not as simple as burning off the calories! I can work my ass off in the gym and gain weight while some people can eat all day and loose! we are not all made the same! I just found your blog and cannot wait to read more. I would love it if you could follow me back. I always comment back! The Preppy Student

  2. Thank you. I'm happy to follow you :-)