Saturday, April 13, 2013

Negotiating with Myself

Hello Beautiful People, things are a little better today. I am a tad more relaxed and I got another 100 on a quiz so I'm feeling good. 

So yesterday was Friday. I had lunch plans to go out with Ms. Tracey and Ms. Tina.  Ms. Tina is from China and wanted us to go to an authentic Chinese lunch.  I had been craving Chinese lately and I really wanted to get out of the office so I was happy to oblige.

Originally my first thought was "if we are going for chinese, there is NO WAY I am going to want to workout after work." My belly is going to feel full and I'm going to feel sick if I try to do anything. Maybe I will just make it a study night. But, I decided to pack my gym bag and bring it anyway. In the event that I feel okay I want to have that as an option.

I pulled up the menu just to see what "authentic" meant. The first 3/4s of the menu was in Chinese and I was not crazy about some words I saw. super excited. Finally I saw the "Americanized" menu in the back.  I found my sesame chicken and was happy.

Since it was a nicer restaurant than your traditional takeout my spring roll was small and didn't feel as deep fried as the usual ones. My portion of chicken was smaller and the sauce was less heavy. I honestly felt fine when we left. I was full, but not stuffed.

The gym should not be a problem.  However, my womanly goings on had my hormones raging. I was cranky and crampy. I truly just wanted to just go home and climb into bed for the night.  But, I bargained with myself. If I got on the road and the traffic was heavy then I would go to the gym. Otherwise I would head straight home and study.

Then I just kept thinking how nice a water massage would feel. So I renegotiated with myself.  If I got to the gym and Gym Crush Babe was there I would stay on for 30 minutes and then get my massage. If he wasn't there then I would just do 15 minutes and then get a massage.  My legs were tight from "Legs night" on Thursday so anything would be a nice stretch.

I didn't see Gym Crush Babe, but I did see Gym Crush Young Stud.  He reminds me a little of Gym Crush 1 at the old gym except he's not a runner. He's just delicious to watch lift though.  And so I stayed on for 30 minutes then got my massage.

I didn't really get a lot of studying in last night. I got some, but my mind was just jelly from the emotional toll of the week. So I planned on waking up early. I actually was falling asleep just trying to read my fun book last night so I figured I could read a little in the morning to get my day started.

I woke up and read some before I forced myself out of bed for a shower. I needed to get my day moving. I really wanted to make it a full study day before the Nascar race tonight (Let's Go Tony Stewart! CALL ME!). Once I got ready I sat down to study. I negotiated with myself on this too. Every time I finished a little section I could read up until the next page break in the fun book. That helped a lot. So I finished my fun book and just about finished my chapter notes.

Now the problem is that the fun book had a lot of food gatherings in it. I craved a brownie something AWFUL.  And so I grabbed my books and headed to Starbucks. I got my drink and brownie and then sat and finished my chapter activity.  And then I was allowed to read the whole first chapter of the new fun book.

When that was over I was off to the Grocery store. I had originally planned on going to Super Walmart today to get my shopping done, but I talked myself out of that. I would need to get my short list of groceries at the store by Starbucks. And I'm happy I did. I have come up with a new Grocery plan that I will tell you about in a future post. And the bonus is that I got to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms in the parking lot. That made me smile.

Okay, thanks for being my study break. But, it's time to get back to it. I am almost ready for my next quiz.  Wish me luck!

Have a Blessed Night.

I signed up with Run for Autism again :-)

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support. 

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