Monday, April 8, 2013

Reliving the College years during March Madness

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

Sorry I missed a post yesterday, but I am in a study cloud...and it ain't good. I'm getting very frustrated...bah! Let's just say that multiple cookies were consumed *sad face*

In case you missed it, I've also been immersed in March Madness. Haha. I am a college hoops freak. A BIG ONE!  In fact, one of the reasons that I chose to go to Syracuse was because of the hoops program. I'm not shy about saying that. LOVE MY ORANGE!!!

It's been fun reconnecting with friends during the games. Lots of memories are coming back. Some good. Some make me sad. It makes me so mad at just how inactive I was while I was there. I mean FREE gym access and I literally went once....and it was in the basement of my own residence hall...bah. I know I used walking as an excuse. It was a hike to walk anywhere on campus and there were hills and snow to contend with...I got the killer legs to prove it. So why did I need to go to the gym?  I could have done soooooo much more. SO much more.

When I think back I'm not sure how I didn't freeze to death. I have mentioned before my aversion to jeans in the past, well this was no exception. It was constantly freezing and snowy and I seemed to live in leggings and sweatshirts...I'm not really sure where my head was except that it didn't want to try on jeans and realize just how much weight I was gaining. I believe in four years I owned one pair of jeans and I only wore them with very large sweatshirts...because my belly was spilling the jeans were 2 sizes too small...sometimes they weren't even zipped, but you wouldn't know that because of the big sweatshirt...and still it never crossed my mind to make a change.

Tip to any college students: LIVE IN JEANS!  Avoid wearing the elastic waist band pants your freshman won't start to notice the onslaught of the Freshman 15 until it's too late.

I think that's one of the reasons why I don't like to wear my workout pants unless I'm working out.  I'm not counting my sweatpants, because that's a warmth issue on the weekends after a workout. haha. But, it would be so easy to just put on yoga pants on my days off and just go about my day.  No ma'am! They serve a purpose now and I like it that way. I wear my jeans. I need to feel when I am full.  I can feel comfy in my pjs.

I'm seeing my cousins in their freshman year's in college and I'm so jealous. One goes to school on the Chesapeake and posts pictures of the water along her running route. I want a river on my running route!  And the other has joined the fencing club. She's having some punishing practices, but loving it. That's so awesome. Keep up the good work girls!  I'm so proud.

Sadly my Orange lost in the Final Four game on Saturday night. It was a close and exciting game. I watched it with college roomie Bibble. Her hip was hurting from earlier in he day so we spent much of the second half of the game on the floor doing hip and back stretches...that was actually kind of nice. And then it got closer to the end of the game.  There was a plate of tortilla chips with salsa on the table. Without even thinking I started eating them.  "Stress eating from the game?" Ummm...Yep. Being a sports fans is a dangerous past time for a food addict. The good news is that I was drinking water all through the game though. I Win!

And now I have an offer to watch the championship game tonight with pizza...I am not sure what to do. I want to go, but I'm also tired and sore from a run tonight...what will I do?....what will I do?  I hope I win!

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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