Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Wednesday: Bagels, Sunshine, Vultures, and Tea

Spring is here!  Spring is here! Spring is here!  Happy Spring Bleeps!

I hope you are getting out there and enjoying it.  We had snow a couple weeks ago and today we hit a high of 87 degrees...ahhhh...

Tonight is a study night and yesterday I found out that Bible study was postponed a couple of weeks. And so I was able to get in a nice walk at lunch today with Ms. Tracey. It was glorious.  We planned this yesterday so we came prepared. No Sleeves!  Oh it was heavenly to get out there and have the sun beating down on us...ahhh

Of course I was back at my desk 30 minutes before I had a monster sneeze attack for about 30 minutes. My nose was all stuffed up...and then miraculously it went away. Crisis averted.


So this weekend I finally got a measuring tape. I'm staying off of the scale for a little while and just measuring my waist and hips every week instead.


Today I was happy to wear my black empire waist dress that I pair with my jean jacket and boots. I have always loved this combo, but for some reason it didn't work for me today. Separately the pieces work, but together they are too big. HOLLA!


Do you know what today was?  It was Bagel day! OH I heart bagel day. I do believe that I have mentioned that before, but seriously, I do. I had a light dinner last night. And of course that also meant that I had to go light today too. No problem...the bagel was worth it.


I have been craving mexican food something fierce.


The Health and Fitness challenge at work will be starting up soon. That's right, it's renamed. I am now one of the organizers and I suggested removing the word "competition". We want to make sure that people who want to participate but are turned off by competition still want to get involved. I am very excited about what's to come, but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who might be reading this so I'll keep it mum at the moment...but lots of good stuff is coming!


Tonight I stopped at TJ Maxx for a little bit on the way home. I found a water bottle with a hand grip and case for my cell phone. I am pretty happy. One of my biggest problems during races is my dry throat. So hopefully this will help out.

When I was leaving the parking lot I saw the strangest thing. The area where I live is heavy with big giant birds. Well there are two black vultures that have apparently found a home in the shopping center. There is an empty store and these birds have made the sidewalk outside their home. There are signs on the window asking people to not feed them or throw things at them. The property manager has put fabric over the windows to keep them from seeing their reflection. That is what they are drawn to.

I googled this when I got home and found a facebook page devoted to them.  They have been named Harold & Maude. This is so cute I had to share:


On Monday Ms. Lety and I went to the mall. She had a gift card for Teavana. Have you ever been? I had been before, but I wasn't interested. I'm a little more intrigued this time. It's got my interest now. I drink a lot of tea and this would be a nice alternative to Starbucks. I'm not sure that I'm ready to invest in one of their fancy tumblers yet to make the tea in and drink out of...but I do have a birthday coming up...hahahah


And speaking of...I got a lovely text yesterday reminding me that this is my last month in my Thirties...thank know who you are and you better sleep with one eye open! 

I am not going gracefully in case you haven't figured that out..ARGH!


I haven't gotten to watch a Nascar race in a few weeks. But I am determined to watch this weekend. I miss Tony Stewart...Call me!


Time to study...

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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