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Easter weekend: Butter, bunnies, and basketball

Happy Belated Easter Bleeps!

Wow so um...a lot happened this weekend and well I most certainly enjoyed "non-computer" time. I did not log on to my laptop for 3 glorious days....ahhhh.  I missed you, but it was nice to take a break.

So we'll start with Thursday night. I was heading to the gym when I had a text from mom. She was at grandmom's and they wanted to know if I wanted to come over for some vegetable soup. I NEVER say No to Grandmom's vegetable soup. I said I would keep the workout light and then come over.

I was starving when I got there and started with my salad.  And then I had my veggie soup. Grandmom was also baking some chicken. My bowl of soup was pretty big, but I still had some chicken with green beans. It was yummy and the beans were fantastic!  Of course that had a little something to do with the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! that I thought was on it. I hadn't had any in so long that I thought it was yummy...well did you catch the "thought" part?  It was real butter...not a lot, but enough that I was licking my lips and wiping it up with my chicken and eating it. DAMN I miss butter!  But alas, it is not a part of my life anymore.

I was so full from the soup that I tried to lean back and unbutton my pants...only to remember that they were yoga pants. There was nothing to unbutton.  I was in trouble. I did have some diet coke with me that I was using as my caffiene to keep me awake for the Syracuse basketball game later in the evening.  I used it to help me burp...and it helped a little, but I wasn't feeling good.  It didn't stop me from eatind a Cadbury Egg from Grandmom though.

The good news is that Syracuse won and I was able to go to sleep. YEAH! And I had the following day off, but I had things to do so I didn't get to sleep in.

My first stop of the day was to get my hair cut. I don't really want to talk about it because I had to go back and get it fixed. I will say that when you walk in and the person turns to someone else and says "I may need you to help me with this cut" then you should probably turn around and leave.

It wasn't horrible and I'm told that if I didn't point it out it wasn't super noticeable...but one side wasn't quite shaped like the other...just enough to drive me crazy. *update, I went back to have it fixed and now it's even shorter...definitely need to play with it, but not sure what I can do to it*

Next up was a stop for a manicure. I hadn't had one since December and my poor cuticles were a hot mess. Well I walked in to a new place and was quite happy at how nice it was...almost too nice. No television on the wall. Classical music playing and chairs that aren't on wheels. While my hands were in their heated mittens I got a shoulder massage too...ahhh.  It was delightful.

Feeling good when it was over I quickly popped into a store to look at dresses and tops. I wasn't specifically looking for anything, but if I found something pretty for Easter I would get it. I was looking around and I didn't see anything I liked so I was heading out of the door. And then I saw a pretty halter top dress.  I have enjoyed my shoulders for sometime now and thought this might be a good option. So I took it to the fitting room. It looked horrible!  HORRIBLE. Things were pushing out where they shouldn't be and it made me weep.

I left without any purchase and headed to the dealership for my car inspection.  Happily I was in and out in an hour and then off to check out tutus. haha. I'm addicted. I found several colors: white, hot pink, red with glitter, rainbow, and multicolored blue. I didn't get any though...but I really want that blue one.

And then it was time to study. I studied all afternoon before heading out to dinner and then church for Good Friday Service. It's my favorite service of the year. It's a Taize service that is singing and meditation. It is so lovely.  It was a nice day to end the week.

Saturday morning came at me fast. When my alarm went off I seriously contemplated skipping the race. But, I sucked it up and got out of bed. We got the email on Friday that so many people signed up they were worried about parking so we wanted to leave early.

We got their early and started walking towards registration. The line for day of registration was massive. The good news is that the Cherry Blossom 5K did have Cherry blossoms!  There were 3.5 of them!  WOO WOO!  I'll take it!

I got my bib and shirt, but there was a problem with Heather's registration so we had to get in that line for day of registration. Bah!  The good news is that I got to see Heather's butt in her new running pants. It looked Hot!  haha. I want a pair of those pants! 

We were able to get her registered, but they were out of shirts. I offered to share mine as it's large enough to wear as a night gown. I ordered a large. They don't always tell you what type of shirt it is. If it's a cotton shirt then I wear a medium. But, if it's a fitted running shirt then I like the extra room in the booby area so I like a large. So basically my closet is full of t-shirts that are too big and running shirts that are too small. haha. Just kidding. Most of them fit, but every now and then I get one that looks like it's swimming on me.

The race was good. It was similar to the course we had a few weeks ago. We struggled on the cobblestone and bridge again, but otherwise we were good. Our time was 5 minutes less. We are on fire!  And speaking of fire, Chariots of Fire came on during the last .1 of the race. te he. Not the best time to make me move faster. 

Oh my Gosh, I almost forgot my favorite part of the day. I am always moved and inspired when I see people with one leg or other disabilities during the race. This time I had seen something that made me cry.  When we started there was a group of people in front of us. One of the men was blind and was holding on to a rubber towel that was being held by his friend. They would run together. It was such a joy to watch.  Seriously people, NO EXCUSES!

When the race was over we got to go to the zoo. It's not a big zoo, but it was fun. Remember when I said that we should find me a man there, but not one dressed in a bunny suit? Well...there was a gentleman in a big pink bunny suit giving out eggs to kids. Weird. They said we could get our pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. I couldn't believe it was this cheesy...and it wasn't. There really was an Easter Bunny there for who is this dude?????

I am not sure how it happened, but we had been talking about Dunkin Donuts before the race. I wanted a coolatta and possibly an egg sandwich. I really really really wanted to try their Angus Steak and egg sandwich. That commercial with the two girls high fiving looks so enticing. We stopped on our way home. I had one. It was delicious, but felt really heavy in my belly. I am good with one.

So I came home and did a few things before passing out for a quick nap. It finally happened!  That nap that I have been wanting to take for a year now had started...and it was over in 15 minutes when my phone rang. DOH!  Plans needed to be made for dinner. We were going over to my Uncle's for a Easter-Eve dinner....and some basketball.

Dinner was delicious. I had a plate full of salad and then a slice each of the white lasagna and the red lasagna. YUM!...followed by pie.

Sadly I had worn my jeans over there and they felt tight when I put them on. After dinner I was particularly feeling the pain. I am not sure how my button didn't pop off.

Good news: Syracuse won! They are in the Final Four!!! WOO WOO

Sunday morning I changed my mind about what I wanted to wear. Originally I was going to wear a dress with lots of colors that is nice and springy. Then I decided I wanted to wear a hat to church so I switched to this pretty brown flowered dress that is just lovely. It was sleeveless though and all I kept thinking is that I need to work on my arms.

I got lots of compliments.One lady at church even told me that I looked like a model. haha. She's a little older and may have glaucoma, but I'll take it!

Before church the kids had an Easter Egg hunt. I'm such a great Godmother. I asked the kids if they found an egg for me. The two oldest immediately gave me one of their eggs. The younger one said she didn't, but then immediately handed me one of the bigger eggs. awww. In all fairness I opened them up and dumped the jelly beans back in their baskets. I did keep the chocolate though. I'm not a saint.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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