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Happy 500th Post! - Gaining it back

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Happy 500th post!  Wow...has it really been 500 already?  Seems like just yesterday...

Okay so you know how I mentioned the other day that I follow a bunch of Biggest Losers on Instagram?  The other day I had seen something that caught my eye and then it was reinforced yesterday. Sione and Filipe are two of my all time favorite contestants. They were a joy to watch transform. I know that Sione became a trainer and he works at one of the Biggest Loser Resorts. Love him.

In the pictures from the Finale it looked like he was still in great shape. Filipe still looked good, but not as good as Sione. Recently there have been several tweets and instagram comments. Filipe is starting over. He gained the weight back. And then some. His journey back is being documented on the Biggest Loser website:

So proud of him! Wow, that is not easy. It's hard enough to take that journey so publicly the first time, but equally hard to take it the second time.

I am seeing so many comments that people are shocked by this. My first question to them is why?  And I don't mean that to come off wrong. I am not saying that I expected him to gain back the weight. What I mean is why are you so suprised that it happens to anyone?  The journey to get there is the easy part. The hard part is the daily fight to keep it off.  Every day is a struggle no matter what tools I have or what goals I have. All it takes is a big slip or a series of little slips to start the relapse. Sometimes we can be strong enough to correct it, but often times we aren't.

Case in point: today was pizza day.

A couple of weeks ago we moved my desk at work. For many months Ms. Kerri and I sat between two groups. We were a little isolated. That was great for food fest days. Well now I am right next to the food table.

I agreed to participate in Pizza Day because I am trying to work on portion control. I can indulge a little if I am smart about it. Most people can think: Pizza day, cool. Not me. I was all excited last night when I didn't have to pack my lunch. I was practically skipping when I woke up this morning. I could hear them talking about when they were going to order the pizza and I got a little too excited. The rest of the morning just became a countdown. Woo Woo only an hour until pizza!  Woo Woo pizza will be here in 30 minutes!  HOLLA! Pizza is here!

I got my one slice. I even resisted the giant slice that was available. I took a smaller slice...covered in cheese. I finished it and really really wanted to go get my second slice, but I was blocked in. In my head I was screaming "MOVE!  Can't you see I want another slice??? What is taking you so long?" *Crazy eyes!*

By the time I got over there for my second slice the only ones left were tiny. Tiny because no one wants the tiny ones. They want the big ones so they can say "I only had one slice"...never mind that it's the size of two smaller slices.

So I could have easily gone for a third slice, but a few things went through my mind. First, do not overdo it. The last thing I want is to have my belly rumble on the treadmill tonight. Second, remember that it's all about portion control. Third, don't forget that there's Cake soon!  Oh that's right, I forgot to mention the cake. We were celebrating for a guy at work becoming a U.S. citizen. He cut the cake, and well I don't ever want to go to where he grew up because his portions could be eaten in about 2 bites. So you know that meant going back for seconds!

The stressful thing is that the cake was in my peripheral vision.  It's all I could think of.  So I went over and moved it to the other side of the table and moved the box in front of it. I couldn't handle it. Of course it was still the first thing that drew my eye when I would walk back from the ladies room.

So remind me again why it's such a surpise that someone gained the weight back? Just because he was on the Biggest Loser doesn't mean it was a magic pill. Even given all of the tools we are still at risk. We are human.  I can talk about the science of burning calories and proper nutrition all day, but that doesn't factor in human emotion. Dang it!  I wish it could. Would make life so much easier.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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