Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Wednesday: Challenge ON!

Happy Random Wednesday!

Do you remember my horrible haircut experience?  I think I've been pretty good about not bringing it up every day. I do appreciate that so many people like it, it's just too much maintenance for me. Argh. Anyway, I don't remember if I mentioned this as part of the horrible experience, but during the original bad haircut (before I went back to have them fix it) she managed to cut my necklace. You know, the pretty Tiffany necklace that I treated myself to. Thanks lady.

Anyway, I finally got around to taking it in to be fixed last week. I have felt so naked not wearing it. I should have it back next week. But, this has got me thinking. When I turned 30 I bought myself a Tiffany ring. I LOVED that ring. Last year I gave it to my mom because it no longer fit me. It was simply too big and kept falling off. Well I am two weeks away from the big 4-0. Maybe it's time to replace it. I have been on that website every day and there are 3 rings that I like. Now let's not get crazy. I am talking the cheapest they have. I have not quite found my Sugar Daddy yet (Tony Stewart Call Me!).  One of the rings is like a mini version of the original ring. Another is an olive branch pattern. The third one is a simple silver band with the Tiffany blue running through it. I like that one, but I'm afraid it will clash with about 90% of my nail polishes. 

I like the idea of getting one. It'll be a much smaller size than the first one. YEAH!  Sadly, it depresses me just a little that none of my Tiffany jewelry has ever come from a boy... Size 6 boys! I've also never been given flowers...seriously, I need to upgrade with the next boy.


Tonight was study night. I switched it up a little. I went to a bar to study. hahaha. Seriously.  Actually, I went to a restaurant-bar that a friend of mine manages. The original thought was to sit out on the patio and study. But, it was a little breezy. So instead I opted for the bar. Oddly enough, I thought I would feel awkward in the dining room.

Would you believe me if I told you that I was actually really able to study? I am shocked. I didn't listen to my headphones either. I was able to push away the noise and focus. Go me! I wasn't even bothered by the smell of food.

Also, I was able to have a great dinner. I have been drooling over a bison burger on their menu for months. So I got it. I could have gotten a side salad, but I got the beach style french fries. I'm okay with this.

I did not eat all of the roll nor did I eat all of the fries. I was nice and full when I left. If I had eaten everything on my plate I probably would have felt sick. As it was, I knew to stop because my jeans felt a little tight.  So I wasn't able to stay as long as I would have liked. I did refrain from ordering dessert...even though I really REALLY wanted to.


I can not get enough of the Survivor stories from the Boston Marathon Bombing. I would like to give a special shout out to all of these amazingly strong people. One thing that struck me is the number of people who were not runners and lost limbs that want to run in next year's race. I love that. What amazing spirits and attitudes. I would LOVE to be there to cheer them on.


Today was a GREAT day!  It was day one of the Fitness Assessments for the Health & Fitness Challenge at work. It was AWESOME!  I went out to help with questions and directions. I got to help people with form and explain what we were doing and why certain things were needed on their forms. And then I got to be the timer and cheerleader for everyone in the 1-mile run/walk. That was my favorite part. I couldn't stop grinning. I cannot wait until this is my every day life.

And I can't wait to do it again tomorrow!


Before the assessment I had a webinar to attend. I know, I know...I still owe you my notes from the first two. This one was for the importance of sleep. I am not going to lie, I didn't think I'd really learn anything. But I did!  And I will get these notes to you all shortly I promise.


Today was Breakfast Club day. And it was very needed. I had a horrible commute in (long commute took an extra 30 minutes). When I walked in I was tired and wanted something to wake me up (Ironic considering the webinar topic..haha). And then I saw breakfast...Oh was an egg/sausage/cheese scramble in a biscuit...served with tater tots. HOLLA!  It took total restraint to just put one spoonful of tots on my plate and take only one biscuit.

Luckily for me, Ms. Liz is a Vegetarian and tried very hard to eat around the sausage. She couldn't do it and offered me he rest of hers. Um yes please. I really need to get back on my Vegetarian schedule, but I think it's best to just wait until I get older in a couple of weeks.


I was not planning on participating in this year's Fitness challenge. I was happy to help organize it and play cheerleader. And then my Wellness Partner In Crime (WPIC), Carol, told me a little something. Former Fitness Competition Arch Nemesis Ryan formed a team and they have named themselves SPF. It stands for Six Pack Factor.

Um...guess who is now in the challenge. haha. WPIC and I are now on a team together. Someone's gotta show these boys who's boss. CHALLENGE ON!


Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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