Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Wednesday: Has it been a week already?

Woo Woo for Random Wednesday!

I was thinking last night how weird it is that I can talk so openly about tampon mishaps with you all and yet I get terrified when I have to share that I ate a candy bar in my car.  Argh!


A couple of weeks ago I was changing my cover photo on my Facebook page. It was during March Madness and I wanted to put up a photo from a Syracuse basketball game. I had several to choose from. The funny thing is that I was wearing the same at different games. The only way I could tell the difference was my face.

I know people keep telling me that my face  keeps getting thinner...but I never really see it until I look at pictures. The first one was two years ago. and the second one was last year. And the third one is this year.


So one of my biggest fears happened last night. I heart my ipod nano. I HEART it. I love that it clips on to my pants, but I fear that it will fall off every time I go to the ladies room. It falls a lot, but so far it has managed to avoid falling in the toilet. Last night it fell on the ground and cracked the face. It still works, but it's mighty cracked. They don't make this version any more. I can still use it, but I will be on the look out for a used one that's not cracked :-(


Tonight was study night at Starbucks. It was also a long day at work. I did not drink the water that I usually do. I have had more caffeine today than in the last month.  And now I have a headache. I don't know if it's a study headache, caffeine headache, or a dehydration headache, but I'm annoyed at myself. I know better than to get off schedule.


Tomorrow is my biometrics screening at work. I can't believe that I'm excited about this. For years I was terrified of this. But, last year my numbers were pretty good. I'm eager to find out if they've gotten even better. I'm such a nerd now.


I met my friend Danielle for lunch today. We met up at Panera. I was immediately drawn to a panini sandwich that they were highlighting. I had seen it on their website last year. They had a contest to create a new sandwich using the ingredients they keep on hand. The one that won had turkey, cheddar, and apples. There was more too, but that's all I remember.

I wasn't crazy about the calories, but I was making it a Pick 2 and I paired it with vegetable soup.  That was YUMMY!


Alright kids, I'm going to try and study a little be more before Psych comes on. Oh but, before I go, I will share my favorite quote of the day:

"At least its basically Thursday which means its basically Friday which means its the weekend!"


Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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