Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Day and Hula Hoops

Hello Beautiful People,

So we all know what's coming up this week: Valentine's Day. Oh Joy.

I'm not a huge fan of this day.  There are some bad associations with it. And let's face it, if there's a negative association with something it's a trigger to eat. And what's out there in my face right now? CHOCOLATE.

Tonight I stopped at the store for the groceries for my roasted veggies hummus pizza. I was going over to Grandmom's afterwards and wanted to bring her a Valentine's gift. She's moving soon so she doesn't need a teddy bear or another mug or something. I walked by that chocolates aisle about 6 times. I think I was one more trip away from being hauled in for stalking. I never went in it though. I honestly did not trust myself.

Instead I got her a cute little mint plant. It smells nice. It's pretty. And she can use it while cooking.  It's a win win win situation. I was happy with this.  The problem is that I will need to go back to the store next weekend for my fresh veggies and fruit. And what do we think will be there? The after Valentine's day sales. The 50% off of the chocolate that will mend your broken heart. ARGH!  I will pay someone to do my shopping for me next weekend. Seriously, it's not a bad list. Just a few things.

Last year I went to the gym on Valentine's Day and I will again this year. I'm trying to push those bad associations to the side and instead have positive associations. Sure the gym isn't a romantic option for most people, but it's about loving myself. And taking care of myself.  If I came home I would most likely just wallow and think of someone that I shouldn't. Instead I will focus on loving my body and treating it right. I owe it that after so many years of neglect. It's also yoga day...YEAH!

I think I can do it this week. I think I can be strong. And once I get through this week I will just need to get through the month of Easter candy in my face. Argh. 

I bought a hula hoop today. My new plan when I am home is that whenever I have the urge to eat something sweet or binge on chocolate, I will now get out the hoop. I should be competitive by Easter. haha.

Actually, I think that's my new challenge to you. A hula hoop costs $3. Go get one. Time yourself. Practice it every day. Give yourself an attainable goal. When you reach that time then treat yourself. I am good for 5 seconds. When I get to 30 seconds then I am going to buy myself a book that I have been wanting for a little while: All Roads Lead to Austen.

So do you think I'm crazy or are you currently figuring out what you would treat yourself to when you make your goal? Think about it. It's $3 and it's total core work. I am on my way to losing my belly. Who's with me?  Seriously, let me know if you accept my challenge :-)

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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