Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All Sorts of Random Wednesday: Green Tutu and Eddie Murphy

It's Random Wednesday Y'all!

Well we are less than a month away from the DC Half Marathon and things are kicking into high gear. Last night was my dress rehearsal. Since I am participating for Run for Autism I needed to break in my running top. I've been struggling with this. The first time I put it on it looked horrible on me. It was big in some places and tight in others.

I'm also having a hard time with the color. It's Teal, Gold, and Navy Blue. I can wear it with my navy blue shorts if it's warm enough, but what if I want to wear pants?

So last night I put it on with a tank top underneath and black yoga pants. I wasn't 100% happy, but it's better than I had hoped.

The one thing that drove me nuts was when I saw my under arms flapping. My arms are 95% the way I want. But, I have some under arm flab with stretch marks that had my full attention in the mirror. BAH!


The other night Gym Buddy Lisa mentioned that she had made Spaghetti squash the other night. I have become slightly obsessed with this. I have looked up several recipes and I am anxious to make some. I am away this weekend though, so it looks like I have a project next weekend.


I was doing the calculations the other day and I realized that between the past two Polar Plunges and the Run for Autism I have raised over $1000 for Special Olympics and Autism.  Seriously, I could not be more excited. Well I could...I want to raise more!

Sunday while I was at the gym an Eddie Murphy movie was on the TV in front of me. It was next to the Fox TV which was covering Daytona qualifying which is the reason I was in that area. I had not seen this movie before, but I was completely offended and repulsed. There was this enormous woman strutting around in tiny outfits, including a thong bikini.  In one scene she comes down this really high water slide and she is so big that her momentum shoots her over the pool, through the fence, and lands in the kiddie pool emptying it of water.

I'm not going to lie, this movie was so horrifying for me. I couldn't focus on my workout because I didn't want to look up. I couldn't believe someone would put themselves out there like that. And of course I looked it up and found out that it was Eddie Murphy in a fat suit. Why does he have to resort to dressing in fat suits in just about every movie?  He's plenty funny without that...but, I'm not going to be very hesitant about watching any of his movies...well except for Coming to America because I love that one.


So if you are asking yourself "Hey, I wonder if Jennie is going to dress up for St. Patrick's day for her race?" the answer is YES!  On my list of things to do this past weekend was to pick up my green tutu. I had to pass on anything for my head because I can't be distracted with things falling all over up there.

I am not sure how I will make the tutu work with the teal and gold, but I will!  I also got some leg warmers in case I go with shorts.  The problem is that I sort of need to get in a practice run wearing it to make sure it doesn't fall off and I just can't see doing that in the gym. haha. Gym Crush Big Dude will NEVER talk to me if I do that. haha.

The irony is that I totally want to wear the tutu all over the place.


I am going to steal a line from Super Fan MaryAnn: I am not "Living to Eat" anymore. I am "Eating to Live."  LOVE HER AND LOVE THAT!


So last night I had a great run at the gym. It was my longest and fastest to date. I might have gone a little longer, but I was a tad hungry and I needed to stretch. I also opted for a water massage (which in all honesty I barely felt and it was on high, but I feel fine today :-)

On my way home I was trying to think about my dinner. What would I have when I got home? Should I stop at Subway? Then I came up upon Wendy's and I smelled the I wanted to stop SOOOO bad!  But, I remained strong and went home for some mexican eggwhite scramble and a veggie hummus wrap. I done good.


Today I attended a presentation for a prepared food delivery service. It's fresh food all vegetable protein based. We had a sample meal and I had the Lentil burger with cilantro dressing on Kale, eggplant, and tomatoes. It was yummy.  I liked the theory behind this company. They use local restaurants and minimal salt and oil. The food is fresh and good. It's also way out of my price range. If I had the money I would probably do it. But, one week's worth is my full food budget for the month.

The headliner band for the Rock'n'Roll race has been announced. Cowboy Mouth will be playing. I didn't know who they are, but I youtubed them. They are pretty good. And their biggest hit is: Jenny Says.  Haha...gotta love them for that!

After my last two nights of running I really wanted to take tonight off. All day I sat at my desk trying to decide. I have laundry to do. I would like to do my nails. I could get a hair cut. I have studying to do.  But, I am going away this weekend. I will plan on working out, but Sunday is church and the Daytona 500 (Tony Stewart CALL ME!) so I don't know that I'll get anything in that day. And then Monday is bible study and book club. So I am looking at back to back days of rest coming up. That means I had to get my butt to the gym.  And I did. I went for a 30 minute walk on an incline. So I got my workout in and got home in time for the start of the Syracuse game. HOLLA! 

Tomorrow's plan is to wait to hear if Gym Buddy Lisa is going to be home in time for the gym. I do have yoga during lunch so if she isn't going then I will come home and make it a study night.

So next week's post on the Biggest Loser will be late. I have book club that night so I will need to watch it the next night.  Depending on how my long distance run goes at the gym I may just be able to post late in the night. Or it will need to wait until Thursday.


Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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