Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Biggest Loser Season 14 - Episode 8

Alright let's get down to it because as Dolvett says "It's always Crazy week 8!"

When the contestants walk in after elimination Jeff wants everyone to know that it wasn't gameplay that made him vote for Mike. He and Francelina are close and she motivates him. We soon find out that they both lost their fathers at a young age and this has helped them bond.

Then Allison walks in and tells them that this week's theme is: Working Together. If they can lose 70 lbs as a group then no one goes home. But, there's a chance that that they can lower that number. Bring in the kids!  YEAH!

It's been a little while since they have been back and Joe comments right away how great they look.

Okay so there is a 2 part challenge. First, the kids will have 5 nutrition questions. For every question they get right they get a pound advantage. Second, the kids will take the physical challenge that they took during week one. If they improve their numbers on the 5 exercises they will get a pound advantage for each.

Starting with the questions.

1- Which has more fat:
   2 large eggs with 2 pieces of turkey bacon or 1 plain bagel with cream cheese.
   The kids guess the eggs and bacon.
   They are correct.

2-How many chicken nuggets does it take for 18 grams of fat:
    20 or 6
    The kids guess 6.
     They are correct.

3-Which has more carbohydrates:
     Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread or a Bean burrito with salsa
     The kids guess Spaghetti.
     They are wrong. But, all of the adults said they would have guessed that too.

4-Which has more calories:
     Double cheeseburger or Large french fries
     The kids guess french fries.
     They are correct.

5-Which movie food is over 1000 calories:
     A personal pizza or a large bucket of popcorn
     The kids guess the popcorn.
     They are correct.

So far the kids have knocked 4 lbs off of the total.

Now it's time for the exercises. The kids get to pick which one of them will compete.

     Biingo originally did 18 situps in a minute. This time he does 35.

     Lindsay originally did 37 in a minutes. This time she does 79.

    I missed how many Biingo originally did, but he does 32 this time.

    Lindsay originally did 35 seconds.  This time she does 32.

5-1 mile run
     Sunny originally ran a 13 minute mile. This time she wants to push herself for a 10 minute mile. 
     Danni runs with her and can barely keep up in the beginning. Towards the end of the mile most of
     the contestants are running with her. She nails it at 9:59!

The kids have earn a 9lb advantage for them.

Time for the workouts.

Bob pulls Francelina aside and talks to her about her past. She had lost 100lbs at home. She shared that when she was 16 her father passed away. He had a brain tumor. This inspired her to want to be a doctor, but she was too embarrassed about her size for her interviews.

No sooner does Dolvett say that Week 8 is always crazy then Gina walks out of the gym. He pushed her and she got a little snarky with him. He joked that he loves lawyers (she's a lawyer) and Joe said he did too. This got to her. She didn't think Joe was kidding and she didn't want to be around him.

Follow Up

Nate came to the Biggest Loser ranch weighing 359 lbs. He now weighs 269 lbs and has lost 90 lbs. He said that Jillian is definitely invited to the wedding because he would not be the man he is today without her. Awwwww.

Back on the Ranch

While Gina is outside Jackson comments that the them is Working Together and yet No One is Working Together.

Dolvett says that Gina is always looking for excuses. But, he tells her that hey will separate her and Joe and he will work directly with her.

Jillian puts Alex on the treadmill. She says that she's seen her "phoning it in" for weeks. She asks her to run for 5 minutes and Alex quits after 1 minute. Jillian then pulls Gina to the treadmill and she quits running after a minute.

And this is where Jillian flips out on the other trainers. She says that they are on month 3 at the ranch and they have contestants that can't run for more than a minute.

She and Bob start yelling at each other. Bob says look at the progress. It's on the scale. But, they both agree that at this point in time that lack of time for running is not okay.

Jillian corners Alex in the kitchen. She says that she is young and uninjured. There is no reason why she can't run.   Alex says that she's always hearing "Your best is never good enough.  You're pretty, but not pretty enough. You're smart, but not smart enough."  Telling her that she has such a pretty face is giving a compliment, but stabbing her in the heart at the same time. Jillian said that she finally got the answer she was looking for.

Team Challenge

They are on the beach and there are various mounds of sand. They have 30 minutes to dig through the piles and follow the arrows through 5 sets of hills. After 5 sets they will pick up a giant flag pole and carry it down the pier and put it in the stand. If they can finish in under 30 minutes they get another 10 lb advantage.

Danni remarks that it's not just sand. It's wet piled sand and hard to lift. On one of the first hills she gets nailed in the ankle with a shovel.

Time is getting close, but when they have a few minutes left and they are running in the sand with the flag Gina falls. Joe is there to pick her up. Awwww....they make it with 5 seconds to spare.

Back on the Ranch

They are all sitting around on the patio when Jarrod from Subway walks in with sandwiches for them. It's his 15th anniversary since he lost the weight and he's kept it off. He tells them that the great thing about his Subway diet was that he never felt like he was on a diet.

Then he tells them that not only will the winner get $250,000, but they will also star in a commercial for Subway with him.

Seventeen Challenge

Seventeen magazine is promoting a Body Peace Treaty. Jillian mentions that 11% of all girls don't feel comfortable calling themselves "beautiful". So Seventeen is asking girls to sign a Body Peace Treaty to let them know just how beautiful they are.

Last Chance Workout

Since the theme is Working Together, the last chance workout is a Ropes Course for team building. They will be teamed up and will need to climb a pole and lean on each other as the walk on two wires that are gradually getting further away. They must rely on the other person to keep from falling.

Jillian: "You may not trust each other, but you have to learn to work together."

The teams are set up:
Jeff and Francelina
Danni and Jackson
Alex and Jillian
Joe and Gina
Bob and Dolvett

There are some very sweet moments, but it's here that we learn that there may be some love in the air between Jeff and Francelina.

Weigh In

They need 51lbs for everyone to stay on the ranch this week. If they don't reach 51 lbs then there is a Red line. It's not even yellow. There will be no elimination voting.

*Danni started at 201 lbs and now weighs 194 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.  She is in Onederland!  She is finally having her "Why not me?" Moments.
*Joe started at 364 lbs and now weighs 358 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
*Jackson started at 266 lbs and now weighs 261 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.  Bob says that Jackson is "Easy Breezy"
*Alex started at 198 lbs and now weighs 195 lbs for a total of 3 lbs.  She says that's not what she wanted, but what she expected. Bob gets mad. He says that if that's what she expects, that's what she's going to get.
*Jeff started at 312 lbs and now weighs 308 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
*Gina started at 184 lbs and now weighs 180 lbs for a total of 4 lbs. She apologizes to Jillian for disrespecting her. Allison said that she thought 4 lbs was good, but Bob says that she's good for 6 or 7 lbs. Dolvett tells her that this is what's going to happen if she lets her distractions get to her.
*Francelina started at 213 lbs and now weighs 211 lbs for a total of 2 lbs. She needed 3 lbs to be safe.

Everyone is shocked. Bob tells her that she deserves the world.

Francelina: "In the past I couldn't keep it off because I didn't understand that I had to deal with what's on the inside too."

Jeff says that it's not bittersweet, it's just bitter.

Before she leaves Francelina says that "All of this weight has been covering up this amazing person." She is soooooo right!  Love her!

Francelina Today

She started on the Biggest Loser ranch at 267 lbs and now weighs 190 lbs. She looks fantastic. She is managing her stress with fitness. She loves to go out latin dancing and she's dedicated to applying to Medical school and taking prep classes.

She also admits that when she was leaving the ranch the feelings that she and Jeff had for each other suddenly became obvious that they were more than just friends. They are now dating and she has plans to move to Chicago with Jeff. Awwww

Next week: 

They are down to the Final 6 and must face their fears. And Sunny has a talk with her mom that no one wants to have to do. She tells her of her fear of her mom dying because of her poor health.

Have a Blessed Night.

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  1. Ok so I caught up watching the biggest loser (yay for snow days!) my question is how on earth is Alex still on the ranch? She hasn't had that "ah-ha" moment, the trainers are trying and trying to reach her and haven't, she is going to go home and regain all the weight right back....I hope they get through to her before the end of the show.....

    its been a couple 3 or 4 seasons since I have watched the biggest loser and I am glad how much they have shown the trainers talking to the contestants about the mental aspect of the weight. I struggle with this so much. It actually is not difficult to lose weight, it is difficult to continue to lose weight and keep it off......I self-sabatoge alot, there is part of me that uses being fat and "ugly" as an convenient excuse for where I am in life...."of course I'm single, I'm fat and ugly." is a big one and there is part of me that fears losing weight because then I won't have this as an excuse and then what? Of course this is a double edge sword because I look at people who are married and much bigger then me and wonder if they can find a spouse why can't i?

  2. I have to say, I've thought that myself about Alex. She just seems to be coasting by. My thoughts on this are that the people that have gone home since it went to singles have been powerhouses. I just think their bodies were not going to be able to keep those numbers up every week. I could be wrong though.

    I'm not her biggest fan, but I am looking at it like "She needs to be there a little longer because she needs that A-ha moment."

    I am the queen of self sabotage. As I type I have a handful of caramel popcorn in my hand...argh...But, I just look at it like I am a work in progress. As long as I know that I am doing something wrong and that I am going to make up for it then I am in a good place.

    You're not fat and ugly! You're a beautiful person! And you are so worth it!

    I am single and in that same boat. If I sit back and look at it though I look at my past relationships and they were unhealthy for me. Both physically and mentally. Honestly, if I had met the man that God has picked out for me before I made all of these changes well, it wouldn't have worked. He wouldn't have liked me back then. I am looking forward to meeting whoever it is that is out there waiting for me. I am in a much better place now and I'll find him.

    I was actually planning a post on this soon. So I guess I should start that.

    You're special someone is out there.

  3. You write:

    "No sooner does Dolvett say that Week 8 is always crazy then Gina walks out of the gym. He pushed her and she got a little snarky with him. He joked that he hates lawyers (she's a lawyer) and Joe said he did too. This got to her. She didn't think Joe was kidding and she didn't want to be around him."

    Please watch the show again... Dolvett never said he hated lawyers... He said, "I love lawyers" jokingly and then Joe said, "I hate lawyers". Then twice, Gina accused Dolvett of saying, "I hate lawyers" and then saying that Joe agreed. It's not fair to Dolvett because it was a false accusation that keeps on going.