Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Random (Ash) Wednesday

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

Or as I like to call it, the day after I saw the BLEEPING signs for McDonalds' Shamrock Shakes!  CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.  I have not had one in a few years, but oh how I heart them. But, I have made it this long without going for fast food and I will make it longer...although there's no hard rule against someone bringing me one...


Today I am wearing a blouse that I got for Christmas. It's the first time that I am wearing it. It's a pretty blue bouse with peek-a-boo sleeves exposing my arms and shoulders. It's pretty. I look nice in it. It's driving me CRAZY.

I have to wear a jacket because I am not comfortable exposing the arms like that at work. The bottoms of the sleevs cinch and keep riding up my arms. They are supposed to be elbow length, but under the jacket they are riding up the biceps.

I feel like the Hulk trying to bust out of them.

And that's much better than how the former fat girl felt about sleeves like this. She hated them!  They were just a reminder of how fat the arms were.


I ate too many Girl Scout cookies yesterday :-(


It's Ash Wednesday and for many people that means that it's time to give something up for 40 days. And since it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit I would say that today is a good day to start giving up fast food and sugar.

My dad belongs to the Royal Order of Jesters and suggested at their last meeting that the pledges for next year should participate in the Polar Plunge. YEAH!  See, I am paying it forward!  I may not personally raise the money, but it's just as good if I get more people to participate and raise the money.


I am sad to say that I was unable to go to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory yesterday. It was too busy for me at work to get away. Part of me was relieved that I would not have to face the temptations, but part of me was super sad because I seriously wanted a piece of cheesecake.


I am SOOOO mad at that movie reviewer who made references to Melissa McCarthy's weight in the review of Identity Theft. Would he dare say anything about a man's weight in a movie? He called her a hippo. I want to poke him in the eyes it makes me sooooooo mad. And seriously, resorting to that kind of talk is purely for attention. If he was really good at his job he would review the FILM not the weight of the actress in it. SHAME ON YOU!


So for those of you who are taking my Hula Hoop challenge I have some advice for you. Get a hoop that's a little heavy. The lighter the hoop the harder it is to hula. My pal Ms. Amy suggested that. She's able to do hers for 15 um...I'm going for a heavier one!  And as soon as the snow stops (seriously think the groundhog doesn't know what he's doing) I will go outside and play with it.


Bah! Where is my tax refund???? I want to pay for this Certification!

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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