Friday, February 15, 2013

Randomness on a Friday...

Hello Beautiful People!

I hope you all had a lovely week. I could not be more excited that mine is over!  Ms. Kerri came back from vacation on Thursday and well let's just say that I practically duct taped her to her chair so that she would never leave me again. Ha...well that's not quite going to work because she has the holiday off on Monday and I said I would work since one of our client's is half open...which I still don't understand. How can you be half open?

Anyway, once again I was going to tell you about the Heart Smart webinar I attended this week, but I looked at my notes, and really I need to organize them better before I put together a post on them. I will try for this weekend.

So today will be sort of a Random Friday..don't freak out...I just have a lot in my head and I can't decide what to focus on.


First off, I did it!  I ordered my Personal Trainer Certification package today. WOO WOO!  It felt so good. Because I  have test anxiety and because the test is so expensive I went ahead and ordered the video lecture series along with the exam and study materials. I am a visual person and this should help me out.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much lighter I felt when I did that. Knowing that it's paid for and that's no longer a concern I can jump in head first. Since I've been studying for months I am fairly certain I can do this in April. I want to do it before my birthday. The only thing that would hold me back is Marathon training for next month. And so, that means I am just training to finish, not to increase my time. This is too dang important to me.


And speaking of the Marathon, I am happy to announce that my Aunt has signed up to run with me. YEAH! So excited. We'll have our own little cheering section..and there better be posters with my name on them!  haha.

Also on the Marathon front, I am trying to decide what to wear. It is St. Patrick's Day weekend. I WANT to wear a green tutu and I found some St. Patty's Day Leg the shirt for Run For Autism is teal and's not quite going to work...But I don't care!  I will do it anyway!


So I've been thinking really hard about my little crush on Gym Crush Big Dude. It almost bothers me that I have a crush on him. He is totally the type that I used to like. The bigger guys made me feel smaller. As I lost the weight my tastes changed. I started to be super attracted to the leaner more fit guys. Now GCBD is fit, he's just big and muscular.  Why am I so attracted to him? Is it because I'm starting to see myself as fat again? 

There are good looking men at the gym, but this guy draws my attention like no other. And yes, when I am next to him I feel super tiny.  I really hope that it's a genuine interest and not because I am falling back into an old pattern.

I heart my cousin. Well I heart all of my cousins. But for all of you singles out there, I love that instead of Valentine's Day he celebrates "Singles Awareness!" I think we'll have to come up with a ribbon to wear for that day. Any suggestion on colors? lol.  I am thinking Green with White Polka Dots. haha.


How's the Hula Hooping coming?  I love that I have jumpstarted the Hula Hoop Revolution. The number of friends who tell me that they are pulling out their hula hoops grows every day. And these people are serious!  They have the special weighted ones that break apart for travel. Now that's commitment!  I think I am adding one of those to my birthday list!

So I am about to give up Facebook. If I see that add pop up for a dating services that says: Skinny Girls Not Wanted, then I am quitting! 


So tonight I stopped at Walmart for a few items on my way home. There was a slight incident. Security was tracking a suspected shoplifter and I happened to be in the area every step of the way. The dude was in the aisle that I needed and I saw them watching him so I slipped in to the next aisle to wait it out. Um...I should have looked first. It was the candy aisle. I was looking at chocolate thinking how much I really wanted some.

It felt like I was waiting it out for a long long time, but I don't think it really was that long. But, for a food addict in a chocolate aisle it was an eternity.

Eventually security made their move and then he was pulled into the main aisle. And then when I was checking out the state troopers had him right by the door I needed to leave through. Goodness, this wasn't even happening to me, but it was a stressful situation for me. Honestly, I was there at every turn. What if this guy was a lunatic and went crazy? I don't want to be there...oh look at that kit kat at the checkout! 

I did not buy any.  I wanted to, but I didn't.


So I am very proud to say that I have met my Run for Autism pledge amount. YEAH! The pressure is off...but, I still have two months to raise money and just because I met my amount doesn't meant I shouldn't continue to help others.


Grrrr...I want chocolate!


Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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