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Biggest Loser Season 14 - Episode 6

The Biggest Loser season is halfway over *Insert sad face*

The teams walk in to the gym and see three dice with their faces from first workout.

Allison lets them know that they are halfway through the season and that as contestants on The Biggest Loser they are LEADING BY EXAMPLE. That is the theme for the week. Only one of the members of each team will be responsible for their team on the scale. But, they won't know who it is until Weigh-In.  The trainers will roll the dice.

Gina says that she doesn't want that pressure. Bob says that it's annoying. "I want that pressure. Let it be me! And now she's going to start to cry." Gina yells back "You rip my ass to shreds every time I see your face."  To which Bob responds "I want you to feel the pressure. You need to accept the pressure."

Bob pulls Gina aside to talk. This is no way to start the week. He tells her that she is the biggest threat in the house. He would worry if it was anyone else's face on that that dice, but not hers. Bring it on!

Gina "I've been paralyzed by fear by a lot of different things for a long time. Couldn't revel in my professional success because of how I feel about myself."

Bob "Fear is the main thing that brought you in to this house. I want you to feel about you the way I feel about you."

Dolvett tells the Red team that they've got no one to lean on but themselves.

Bob wants his team to say "Let it be me!" They all do, but when it's Gina's turn she changes it up a little.  Gina "I'm going to wipe the floor with everyone's ass this week. Let it be me."

Jillian is a little worried this week. "We've gotta do all that we can, or I guess I'm spending quality time with my family."

Dolvett says that Jackson is the one he is worried about. "If his mind isn't in the game then we have something to worry about."

Jackson "I just want to get through a workout without throwing up. Being heavy as a kid is the worst. Everyone feels like they can make fun of the fat kid. I felt worthless. I never tried out for anything."  Dolvett talks to him. "YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Let me hear you say it!" Jackson responds" I am good enough. I'm more than good enough."

Check in with the kids

Dolvett says that the kids aren't just going to inspire other kids, they are going to inspire the parents that don't know what to do with their kids.

Leading by example the kids share their ideas of how to inspire other kids.
Sunny: running a circuit
Lindsay: talk about bullying
Bingo: sport club after school for 10 people

Team Challenge

I heart Jackson.  "We are walking into this warehouse and it's not a place you want to go in the middle of the night."

Allison welcomes them and points to the dice. For this challenge only one person on the team will participate. Leading by example.

The challenge will be to cross over the balance beam while two pendulums try to knock you off. When you get to the otherside there are 10 plates with different numbers of calories. They are to grab one and bring it back across the balence beam and assign it to one of 5 food dishes.  The winner gets letters from home.

The dishes are:

Double Cheeseburger
Greek Yogurt
A chicken dish
Bagel with Cream Cheese and Lox

Mike really wants this win. His son is now 9 months old and he is missing so much growing. "My wife would put pictures in there. I want to see some teeth."

The Red team is hoping it is Francelina, but Jackson will represent them. Obviously Danni will represent the White. Gina wants it to be her to represent the Blue team. She wants to show Bob how right he is. And she will be the Blue player.

Follow Up:

Pam down 65 lbs from her original weight. She's rockin the wrap dress, straight hair, and red lips in her makeover photoshoot. "It's not about sex appeal it's about feeling good and having the world see it. I feel alive for the first time in a long time.  It's been an amazing journey and I can't wait to see where it goes."

Back to the Team Challenge

Danni is the first to get knocked off the beam followed quickly by Jackson and then Gina. Gina: "Apparently slow and steady doesn't work for me." Jackson tried a different approach. He started to walk side to side. "These thighs are not stackable."

Danni was the first to make it across the beam. She grabbed the 1012 calorie plate for the Double Cheeseburger.

Francelina: "I can't even concentrate on Jackson, because I see Gina flying off the beam over and over again."

Danni grabs the 100 calorie plate for the Greek yogurt. Next she grabs the 516 calorie plate for the chicken dish. And then she grabbed the 280 plate for the bagel with cream cheese and lox.

Jackson makes it across the beam and grabs the 1012 plate for the Double Cheeseburger. 

Danni grabs her last plate and takes the 895 calories for the Ravioli and meatballs.  Before she makes it across Gina grabs her first plate, the 110 for the Greek yogurt.

Danni makes it back and finds out that none are correct. The game is still on.

Eventually she gets them all correct.

Double CheeseBurger 895 Calories
Bagel with Cream Cheese and Lox 353 Calories
Greek Yogurt 142 Calories
Ravioli and Meatballs 620 Calories
Chicken (I missed it)

Danni wins!

Check in with the Kids

Sunny is running a Fitness Circuit in gym class.
Station 1: Wall Sits
Station 2: Resistant band high pulls
Station 3: Ladder steps
Station 4: Steppers
Station 5: Planks

Sunny was happy to see everyone engaged in the activities and with smiles on their faces.

Bingo has a bunch of his friends in a Sports Club. At the end of the day they all say they will try to bring more kids next time.

Back on the Ranch:

The Blue team is nervous this week. Alex is worried that it will be her representing the Blue team on the scale. Jeff says that he has left everything behind with plans on being there on the Ranch until the end.

We see David back before he came to the ranch. Wow what a difference.  As a police officer he is "supposed to protect these people and here I am shoveling food in my face." He's ashamed of his behavior.

Then we see the Red team in the gym.  Jackson: "Leading by example means that when the trainers aren't here, you're still in the gym working up a sweat."
Checking in with Lindsay

Lindsay is leading a pep rally against Bullying in front of her class, including kids that bullied her. She tells a story about when she was getting picked on one day and her friend asked why she doesn't defend herself. Her response was "because I don't want to make it worse. I don't want anyone to live with people bullying them because I know how much it hurts."

Dolvett sent a surprise to the Pep Rally. Australian singer Cody Simpson shows up and tells the kids the he was bullied in school too. Then he puts on a concert for them.

Challenge America

Brita encouraged Bingo and classmates to get active. They dontated $10,000 for sports equipment. It's not just the kids that are benefiting though. The Staff is also getting active.

85% of school kids don't drink enough water

Commercial Endorsement

Jillian takes Danni to Subway.  What's good about Subway?  Well they are everywhere, they are affordable, and they are a much better option than fried/greasy food.  Jillian tells Danni about the Fresh Fit menu and watches her order. Danni orders a 6 inch turkey on a wheat roll and asks them to scoop out the bread.  Jillian is impressed.

Last Chance Workout

Bob has the Blue team in the gym. David's leg isn't completely healed, but it's getting there. "I'm not a threat today, but I'm a potential threat."

Jillian takes to a Freestyle Parkour gym.  She will use her body momentum to maneuver around obstacles. Jillian introduces Danni to her friend Brian who is the instructor. Danni: "Brian is like this beautiful little swan, and you really want this 213lb girl to do this?"

Jillian says that there are very few contestants from over the years that she could have brought there. She looks at Danni like a workout buddy now.

Back in the gym with the Blue team, Bob is pushing them. He's especially hard on Alex. "We're not stopping until Alex swseats!"

Blue: we're not stopping until Alex sweats.  Someone yells to dump water on her.

Back in the Parkour gym, Jillian and Danni are sitting on top of this ledge overlooking a pit of foam blocks. Brian tells Danni to just lean over and flip. She is afraid. Jillian tells her to feel the fear and do it anyway. She jumps and flips. And loved it. She keeps going back for more. Danni: "Jumping forward, that jump moves faster than the fear."

Dolvett brings the Red team into a boxing gym and introduces them to their trainer for the day. Undefeated female boxer Laila Ali. She was 24-0 as a boxer and is now a fitness trainer.

Joe: "Oh no I am not getting in there with her."

Laila told them about her life as a kid. Even though she was the daughter of the greatest Boxer ever, she didn't play sports as a kid. She wasn't active. She gained a little weight and had to work hard to lose it. "It takes having a plan."

Joe's background was the opposite, but could he could relate. Was an athlete and let himself go.

Jackson has thrown up at every Last Chance workout and would be mortified vomiting in front of Laila Ali. Te he.

Let the workout begin.  First they are working on their footwork circling the ring. Then she has them throwing punches and jabs. Throw in some bob and weaves. And just when they think they are totally spent, they get hand weights and start over.  And then the real fun begins. They put on the gloves and take to the punching bags.

"She's worse than Dolvett!"

Joe: "It's been a long time since I've had this feeling of being in control of my body."


Time to roll the dice. The Red team is up first. Everyone on on the Red team wants Joe to represent. None of the other teams want Joe to represent. Dolvett rolls the dice and it lands on Joe. Jillian: Of all of the people that I would not have wanted her to go up against, Joe is at the top of the list.

We already know that Danni will represent the White team.

Bob rolls Jeff for the Blue team. Mike says "This is going to be a clash of the titans."

Jackson started at 280 lbs and now weighs 279 lbs for a total of 1 lb
His reaction: "Shocked. I'm speechless."
Dolvett: "I'm equally upset. It doesn't reflect all of the hard work you've given me."
Francelina started at 224 lbs and now weighs 217 lbs for a total of 7 lbs
Joe: "You should have rolled her! Damn it."
Joe started at 299 lbs and now weighs 291 lbs for a total of 8 lbs
Red Total Percantage: 2.68%

White - Needs to lose more than 5 lbs
Danni started at 213 lbs and now weighs 207 lbs for a total of 6 lbs
Jillian: "You don't have any business getting that after that 9, you deserve it!"
Danni's response: "I'm that much closer to One-derland!"
White Total Percentage: 2.82%

Blue- Needs to lose more than 8 lbs
Gina started at 197 lbs and now weighs 193 lbs for a total of 4 lbs
Bob: "You're in the 100's now.  You're not going to see the bigger numbers anymore."
Alex started at 207 lbs and now weighs 204 lbs for a total of 3 lbs
Mike started at 371 lbs and now weighs 363 lbs for a total of 8 lbs
David started at 253 lbs and now weighs 250 lbs for a total of 3 lbs
Bob: "Hh can't have the intensity of the others because of the injury."
Jeff started at 329 lbs and now weighs 323 lbs for a total of lbs 6 lbs.
Blue Total Percentage: 1.82%

Biggest loser of the week: Francelina

Blue team goes to elimination for the first time, but cannot vote for Mike.
Jeff voted for David saying that he could do this on his own.
David voted for Jeff saying that now is the time to get rid of your strongest competitor.
Gina voted for David and said that he had a very good chance to win the At Hom Prize.
Mike voted for David,
Alex's vote is not needed.
David is going home.

David says that he's going to apply everything he's learned on the Ranch. He doesn't have all of the answers, but he has a start.  He's also discovered how strong he is and he's not going to waste this opportunity.

David at Home

He now weighs 220 lbs for a total of 87 lbs lost. He used to be embarrassed about how he looked in his uniform, but now he is proud. In fact, he leads Bob Harper inspired workouts in the fitness room for other officers. He's an inspiration now.  Picking up his daughter is so much easier for him now.

Next Week Preview:

It's time for Singles.  No more teams.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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