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Polar Plunge Weekend Part 1- The 5K...brrrrr

Hello My Lovelies and Gents,

Well another Polar Plunge weekend is in the book. It started yesterday with the Run To the Plunge 5k.

The race was at 1pm so I had all morning to get some important business in first. I got up early (earlier than if I was going to Crossfit.). I had packed the night before so I just needed to make breakfast and load the car.  And then I was off.

Where was I off to?  Well when in Rome...If I am going to be down by the Outlets for the Plunge then I am going to go shopping!  I had a small list of things that I wanted to get.

On the way down I started the ride with a warm drink, but I had to prep for a 5K so that means I also had to drink some water. I finished a 20 oz of water on the drive.  And then the first store I hit was Reebok. I had purchased a new pair the other night, but then I saw that the sale at the outlet was buy one get one half's worth a look.

JACKPOT!  I found two pairs that I fell in love with. One is the same style as the one I just bought, but in a orange/melon color.  And the other pair are hot pink and black with a portion going to Breast Cancer.  SOLD. So I just need to take the others back tomorrow. I can live with that.

The next store was Maidenform. It's the only place I like to go for bras. And well it's been a little while...good news! There was a huge sale and a bunch of bras were on sale for $9.99.  There was no one else in the store so the lady let me take 7 in to try on. The only thing more fun than trying on bathing suits and jeans is trying on bras. I took in several different sizes and started in. I found two that I liked...and yes, the cup size is down. I have gone from a DD to a C. WOW.

I had one last stop before heading in to town...Under Armour!  I could not be more excited!  I love love LOVE their ankle socks. They are the only ones I work out in. I was hoping for a really good price, but basically the pricing was the same as I usually pay, but including an extra pair. It's okay. They are worth it.

And then I had to hustle.  I needed to get in to town, find parking, grab lunch, pick up my race packet, and find my race people. I found parking easily. And the plan was to eat at Subway. Um...Subway was closed. WHAT?  What am I going to do?  My options were basically Grotto's Pizza and Five Guys. I didn't have time for anything else and I couldn't walk around looking. I settled on Five Guys. I got a hamburger, Iced tea, and filled up on peanuts instead of french fries. It's not my first choice, but I feel like I made the best out of the situation at hand.

I quickly ran over to pick up my packet and then ran back to my car to drop off my new shirt and pocketbook. I grabbed my ipod and headed back. I met up with my Co-worker Scott and his family. His wife, Emily, would be doing the 5K also.

The course had to be changed because of the weather.  It usually starts and ends on the boardwalk, but there was too much ice. Um...

Walking over to the start line was an event. There was some slipping and honestly, the end of the road where it was starting had a lot of ice too. I had to think about my plan.  Normally I like to just walk and talk with people, but it's freakin cold!  I need to run a little more to warm up. I can't run the whole thing though because it is frigid and that's going to be rough on my lungs.  I was wearing a sweatshirt and gloves.

As soon as they started I started jogging. As I was coming up to the first mile marker I was getting hot. So I needed to drop back. I needed to be smart. I would be walking around out in the cold for a couple hours after and I had to think about my body temperature. So I walked for a little while. I also took some pictures of the ice on the side of the road.

At one point I ran into the gentleman that Bibble and I stayed with last year and talked to for a while. He remembered me and gave me a big hug thanking me for coming back. Yeah, that's why I did it!  That made the cold sooo worth it :-)

Once the race started my plan turned into: If my butt and boobs start to go numb from the cold then run...then walk when I start getting too hot. I ran a lot.  BRRRRRR....On my last half mile Chariots of Fire came on and I started laughing. The only way to handle it is to run in slow motion!  It was a magical moment!

I crossed the finish line running and happy with my time. By the time I got to my car I was cold again (and I was only one block from the finish line).  I grabbed my bag and was originally going to go to Starbucks and read, but instead I headed back towards the shops in search of a Polar Bear hat. I had seen them last year and loved them.  I was happy I headed that way because I had completely forgot about the tent with the food!  OH YEAH!  The same restaurant provided the penne pasta again this year...oh so yummy!  I also grabbed a couple bottles of water and a banana.

Once I had gotten something in my belly I was good to go. I walked towards a shop that I thought would have the hat and I was right. FOUND IT! Oh it is warm on my head...and the polar paws hang down and you can put your hands in them to keep your hands warm too. Bonus!

So now it was time for something warm to drink. I walked over to The Coffee Mill. I've mentioned it before, and if you are ever in Rehoboth please check it out. SO yummy!  I had considered a white chocolate mocha drink, but instead I saw the German Cake. It is hot chocolate made with Milk, Chocolate, and coconut...Oh heck yeah!  GIMME! Oh it was D-elicious!

I walked around for a little longer before they opened registration for the Plunge. When I got there I picked up my sweatshirt and was told to head to the right for my bag with the hand warmers and plunge information. There were two young men handing out the bags with Giant smiles thanking everyone for all of their support. It made me a little misty. That's what this is all about. How could I not when I look at these faces who are just so grateful. I am so in for this for life!

As soon as I got my bag I leapt in to my car and headed to Dad's. He was making chili and french onion soup...and nothing sounded better. By this time I was frozen.  FROZEN. I had spent way too much time outside in the cold. I was starting to get a little anxious for the Plunge.

The Chili was good. Hot, but good. And by hot I mean Jalapeno hot....dang I forgot he does that. I had one bowl then headed up for my well needed shower. Oh yeah, before we parted from the 5K Scott's daughter asked if I was going to go shower and when I told her not for a little while she was very sad for was I. lol.

After the shower I came down and Ms. Cheryl and Mr. Bob had come over to join us. I had two more bowls of chili for dinner, but I added some sour cream this time...ahhh.  And then I started to panic. Do we have tums?  What if I have heart burn and my body goes in to shock as soon as I jump in the ocean?  Not good!

After dinner I looked outside and can you guess what happened? Oh yeah, it was snowing...FUDGE!  Talk about anxiety. I really was rethinking the plunge part of the plunge.  I knew I would still go through with it, but I was no longer looking forward to it.

After that I sat down on the chair in the living room and it was not long before I passed out. I exerted a lot of energy during the 5K and then a bunch more trying to keep warm walking around outside. My back and shoulders hurt because they were sooooo tense from the cold.

I eventually got woken up and sent upstairs to bed. I did not argue.  It was e big day...and there was an even bigger day to come.

Coming up: I Plunged in a Bikini!

PS- Thank you Daddy!

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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