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The Biggest Loser: Season 14, Episode 9 Facing Our Fears

Welcome to The Biggest Loser Ranch!  It's episode 9 on Season 14.  This week's them: Facing our Fears.

The very first thing Allison says after Francelina goes home is that it is not only 1 person leaving the Ranch tonight. WHA?  One person will be leaving the ranch for a week.  And that person will be determined in a challenge right now.

Everyone has a fear of leaving the Ranch. The comfort of the trainers, time, equipment, food, well it's just too good. How will they be able to cope when they leave?


Everyone has a life size picture. It's up to their friends to keep them on the Ranch. They will need to take their color coded cinder blocks and carry them across the field.  They are to put them in front of who they want to keep on the Ranch. Once their picture is covered they are safe. And they can't put their blocks on themselves.

Gina immediately says that she knows it going to be her.  She is the current Biggest Loser and was the "biggest bitch" last week.

Oh and whoever stacks the most of their blocks gets a one lb advantage on the scale.

Danni and Joe are always competing with each other. They push each other. Early on Danni falls. It's hard to tell how long she is down, but she gets up and it doesn't look like it slowed her down.

Jackson starts asking people not to put blocks in front of him. He wants to do it. He wants to leave the Ranch. He wants to see how he does off of the Ranch.

It comes down to him and Gina. It's very close, but Jackson is the last to have his picture covered. Gina is very grateful and he tells her "Just be good this week."  She needs this week to make things better with herself and with the other contestants.

So Danni used 19 of her bricks, but Joe used 20. She's disappointed. She had a big week last week and needs that one lb. If she hadn't fallen, she might have gotten it.

Jackson sees this week as a good test run. But, the fun doesn't end there. He has to pick one other person to go with him. You could tell he didn't want to have to do that. 

Follow Up

We get to see how Francelina looks. Wow that was quick. She just left!  When she came to the Ranch she weighed 267 lbs.  She has now lost close to 100 lbs. And she looks Smokin Hot!  She is rockin a red wrap dress. While she is looking at the pictures the photographer took of her she says that before she only ever took pictures of her face. "I'm okay being in front of the camera now."  Good for her! She looks great!

Back to the Challenge

Jeff steps up and volunteers to go with Jackson. He says that Jackson was a good motivator when the trainers were gone.

They dub their week the: Mancation.

*Side note, I sort of knew this was going to happen because I follow Jackson on Instagram and he posted a bunch of photos from the "mancation" on Tuesday haha


They weren't kidding when they said that they were leaving that day. The next thing we know Jackson and Jeff are at the house. Jackson says that "it's a good opportunity to show america that we can do it."

There is no food in the house. They do have some workout equipment and bicycles.

Checking in with the Kids


Dolvett asks Lindsay what she's afraid of. She says that she has a fear of Diabetes.  She has been diagnosed as Pre-diabetic.

Dolvett asks her what diabetes means. She says that it's when the body doesn't handle insulin.  He tells her that he wants her to see what it's like to live with Diabetes. He's going to introduce her to someone with Diabetes.


Bob starts by talking with Biingo's mom. Biingo's biggest fear is Vegetables (Bob couldn't believe it either). When he was younger, he thought broccoli was made in a factory. Bob tells Biingo's mom that he's going to give her some recipes to blend vegetables in with Biingo's food.


Jillian asks Sunny what her biggest fear is. Break out the tissues, because this is where my waterworks turned on. Her biggest fear is losing her mom to obesity. She's afraid of her mom dying. "The fact that she's not getting healthy affects me getting healthy."


Jackson and Jeff go to the grocery store. They do very well. They even get spaghetti squash. WOO WOO!

When they are back at the house they are talking and Jeff says that back home there were days when he literally tried not to leave his bed. There was a show that had 9 seasons. He watched all 9 seasons in 4.5 days.

They start talking about fears and Jeff says that his biggest fear is Failure.

Time for them to workout. They go for a hike.


Biingo's mom purees the vegetables and puts them in a ground turkey meatloaf.  His mom says that she feels responsible because she didn't make him eat them. She failed him.

He eats the meal and seems fine. They ask how it was. Then tell him there were vegetables in it. He makes a face, but agrees that if they can hide them.

Facing Fears

Jillian walks with Gina. Gina's fear is small spaces. Surprise! Jillian has a coffin for her because "you're killing yourself". While she's in the coffin Gina keeps saying to herself "I have a second chance."  She is in there for 20 minutes. When she gets out she says that the show has given her strength.


Lindsay goes to the Guidance Counselor's office. She is diabetic. She tells Lindsay that she's right to be afraid. Lindsay asked her how she felt when she found out that she was diabetic. "I was pissed. I liked to eat. I liked to cook." She pulls out her needle kit and shows Lindsay what it's like to give herself a shot.

Lindsay is worried. "What if I get it and can't live life like a normal kid?"

The Counselor tells her that she can do it. She just needs to cut out the junk and sugary drinks.  Lindsay agrees to eat healthier and in moderation.


It's time for a challenge. A fear of heights challenge. We see platforms hanging over the top of the building and hear Jackson yelling "Noooooooooo. Seven different kinds of No!"

They will be harnessed and standing 7 stories off of the ground. They will also be holding 40% of their body weight.  The winner gets...wait for it....Immunity!

Jeff struggles. He is the heaviest and his 40% is still high. He is the first one to fall.

After 5 minutes Jackson and Joe are both straining. Jackson falls. Then Alex. Then Joe.

At 11 minutes, it's down to Danni and Gina. Danni is straining on her tip toes. At 18 minutes Gina is shaking. She's chanting to herself "Pain is temporary. Winning is forever."

After 20 minutes, Danni tries to make an adjustment. She slips and is only holding on with one hand. It doesn't last long.

Gina wins immunity.


Sunny sits and talks to her mom. She tells her that she starts the fad diets and then puts the weight back on. She's scared that if she continues she'll get sick. "I want you to do the things that you can't."  Her mom doesn't really warm to this. She gets a little defensive. "You don't make me sad, it makes me angry. I know I can't do these things." Sunny tells her that she's afraid she's going to die. Her mom says that it's hard for a mother to hear.  The mother is supposed to console the daughter, not cause her fear. She tells her that they are going to do this together.


Product endorsement

Jillian brings Danni several boxes of Uber bars. They are Lara bars and are gluten free. Yeah, I want to try them.  Good marketing kids.

Facing Fears

Danni's fear is singing in public. She has a beautiful voice, but she was afraid of being seen. So Jillian takes her to a lounge to sing. She sings the National Anthem. She does really well. "I always thought they would see the fat girl, not me."

Joe and Bob head out to the water. Joe has a fear of Sharks. SHARK WEEK!  Bob wants him to swim 500 yards in open water.  As he's swimming Bob is yelling what a great workout this is. He tells Joe to let go. "Don't always try to control everything."

Back on the Ranch

Gina apologizes to Alex for behavior the last week. Alex says it's okay. She knows Gina. That wasn't her.

Mancation Last Chance Workout

Jackson and Jeff Push the trashcans and run up the street. Then they do 20 jumping jacks and 10 squats. Then they push the trashcans back and repeat. Jackson says that the key is cardio.

Challenge America

Brita gave workout equipment and water bottles to Sunny's School. They stress drinking 8 oz of water 8 times a day.

Weigh In

It's tank top week!  The ladies are no longer wearing sports bras at weigh in and the men are now wearing shirts. YEAH!

*Gina started at 180 lbs and now weighs 173 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.
  -"I got buried in a coffin and came out a different person. I was reborn."
  -3.89% and immunity
*Jackson started at 261 lbs and now weighs 250 lbs for a total of 11 lbs.
  -Dolvett "The whole point of training you is to teach you so that you can do it."
*Jeff started at 308 lbs and now weighs 295 lbs for a total of 13 lbs.
   -the last time he was under 300 lbs was when he was 16.
*Joe is 9 lbs from losing 100 lbs on the Ranch
  -Started at 273 lbs and now weighs 261 lbs for a total of 12 lbs plus the 1 lb advantage.
*Alex needs more than 8 lbs.
   -Started at 195 lbs and now weighs 187 lbs for a total of 8 lbs.
   -"It's still not good enough."  Bob tells her "You doubled your average!"
*Danni needs more than 8 lbs.
   -Started at 194 lbs and now weighs 184 lbs for a total of 10 lbs.
   -"I don't need a safety net."

Danni is the biggest loser for the week, but Gina is still the Biggest Loser for the season.

Elimination is between Alex and Jackson. In the event of a tie Alex will go home because she had the lower percentage.


Joe: Alex
Danni: Alex

Alex is going home.

Allison tells the remaining contestants that they have made it to Makeover Week...and they will all be going home to debut their makeovers.

Follow Up

Alex started on the Ranch at 240 lbs and now weighs 170 lbs. She has lost 70 lbs. She works out 6 days a week. Sometimes for 4 hours a day.
Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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