Saturday, February 16, 2013

Using my downtime for Good and not Evil

Happy Saturday Bleeps!

Why is it still snowing?????  I really wanted to get outside for a nice walk today, but, it ain't happening. Actually last night Gym Buddy Lisa and I did an upper body workout. I hadn't done one in the gym in over a month because I didn't want to be sore for crossfit.

I could feel my muscles all night and figured I would just do yoga in the morning to stretch it out. And then I woke up at 6:30am. WHAT? On a Saturday?  COME ON!

So I read for a couple of hours and thought I might fall back asleep for a little bit. And I did, but when I woke up my lower back was out of alignment and I couldn't move.  It happens every now and then and I know that it will align when I am in a seated position. The problem is that I couldn't lift into a seated position. I laid there for a little while rolling to each side trying to sit up and eventually I rolled my legs off of the bed and stood up.

Everything was fine a few minutes later, but man that was rough. So I opted to skip yoga and just rest my body today. I will be going to grandmom's in a little while to help do some more packing and I want to be nice and fresh for that.

I used the time to do some straightening and laundry. I really truly need more time in my days. I really am hardly ever home. I try to keep things straightened, but sometimes when I get home I am just plain tired. I feel so much better when things are uncluttered. I feel like I can focus.  I knocked some things off of my list and now I'm ready to study!

It kind of sucked not to have a regular workout today, but I'm trying to embrace my new schedule. The reality is that because of my commute I really just can't get the minutes in the gym that I used to. And because I get home so late every night there's no stopping at the store. A lot falls on my weekends.  I'm planning on going to the gym after church tomorrow for a long distance walk (key word walk...because I aggravated my ankle in yoga on Thursday).  The Half is four weeks from today. I only have three weekends to put in long distances. Although I arranged to skip lunch on Tuesdays from now until then and leave work at 4 for an extra hour in the gym.

I am in good shape. I can afford to cut back on workout time. I am really doing better eating right and I am ramping up my workouts so that my weight doesn't suffer (down another pound!).  As long as I use this down time for good and not evil I will be okay. It needs to be devoted to achieving my Personal Trainer dream and not lazing around eating and watching movies like the Former Fat Girl did.

I must stay active! 

PS-In case you didn't know....tomorrow is qualifying for the Daytona 500 and the race will be next Sunday. So Good Luck Tony Stewart...and don't forget to CALL ME!

Have a Blessed Night.

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