Monday, February 18, 2013

Fueling with food instead of crap

Happy Monday Bleeps!

And what a fine freezing holiday Monday it is. Brrrr....

So today is President's Day and my company has the day off. However, one of my customers does not. I get to work.  I probably could have pushed to work from home, but I made plans to hit the gym after work with Gym Buddy Lisa.

I was totally rethinking that plan as I ventured to my car this morning and my fingers darn near froze just walking to the car. Really cold days make me nervous. They are days that all I really want to do is curl up under a warm blanket, watch movies, and snack. It makes me want to be lazy and very inactive. Argh!  I have worked too hard to be taken down by the cold!

Okay so I had planned on going out to lunch with a friend today. She couldn't make it so I was on my own. I wanted Panera's tomato soup and grilled cheese so bad I could taste it. Calories be damned! It's too cold not to do this.

When I got there I did not even look at the menu. I didn't want to veer from my original plan. I also managed to avoid looking down next to me where all of the tasty cookies were on the counter. I passed on any extras. Normally I would get an apple, but I just finished reading a book about life on an Apple Orchard and I'm a little too afraid of chemicals right now. Besides, the last time I really wanted some extra bread to soak up the last of the soup.

I also got a diet soda. Normally I get caffiene free, but man today was rough getting up. I did NOT want to go to work. And so all afternoon I was sipping on this soda and I started to panic around 4pm. CRAP! I can feel my body bloating from the sodium.  I have only had 20 oz of water today. I need 20 more before the gym. Why the panic?  Well that's simple. My body was not fueled for the gym.

Did I mention that I had a very stressful hour when I came back from lunch? The food was good, but it didn't fill me up completely and I happened to have a bag of cheddar chex mix in my locker. I inhaled a third of the bag. I was so mad at myself and quite frankly I couldn't stop. My brain was sayinig "STOP!", but my body was reacting to the stress and before I knew it I was shoving another handful in my mouth. My body was so not listening to my brain.

So now I had stuffed myself on junk and soda. I will be able to do a workout, but I'm not going to feel like I am at my best. I was planning on a run tonight too because I had a bunch of pasta last night and I didn't want that carb overload to go to waste.

*Quick catch up on last night: Yesterday I hit the gym after church for 6 miles. I was running late to get home, but I needed to stop for lunch. I got a sandwich, but that's all. So when I got to grandmom's for some more packing I was a bit hungry. Had some chicken, spinach, and a salad. It was good, but the portions were small for me and I was still hungry. Grandmom offered to make me some angel hair pasta. I only needed a cupful, but I got a big giant bowlful. I ended up eating too much and felt a little too full. The good news is that I am planning 2 hours of training tomorrow night so I will carb up tonight with my leftovers. Thanks Gradnmom :-)  *

Eating right is so critical to maitaining a good workout schedule. I think we all know that I am good for long workouts 6 days a week. If I wasn't eating right that would drop drastically. On days when I don't eat as well as I should my body completely reacts. It holds me back. It's not as fast, not as strong, and doesn't have the endurance that it should. I feel like I let it down when I am not eating right.

I think back to those pizza-cheeseburger-fries-cheesesteaks-mac'n'cheese-diet coke days and I cringe. No wonder I never wanted to workout. I always felt like crap when I made the effort. I was feeding my body junk and was getting no effort from my body. I hated exercise and what I truly did not comprehend was just crucial fueling my body in a good way actually is. BAH! I get so frustrated thinking about those wasted years.

Why did I choose the food over my health?

So here's two little bonuses from last night. First, I hadn't seen my mom since Christmas and the first thing she did was grab my face and say how it's gotten skinnier since she saw me. She can see where the 10lbs went (11!).   Second, grandmom handed me a tiny pair of jeans that she said would fit me. I took them, but in my head I'm thinking "This woman is crazy! There is no way these tiny little grandmom jeans are going to fit me!"...But, I tried them this morning and they do!  WOO WOO! I can fit in my tiny grandmom's tiny jeans. They are actually cute too.

And now it is time to make amends. No more binging like today. What if Tony Stewart called and I had a face full of Chex Mix?  Never again I say!  I threw out the rest of the bag. So um...Tony, feel free to call me.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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