Saturday, February 23, 2013

I need my elastic waist pants...STAT!

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Wow what a crazy day it's been. I don't even know what to focus on right now.

I started the day resisting the alarm. I just didn't have it in me to do any yoga before I packed on got on the road. Besides, I was a lot stuffed up when I woke up and considering Yoga is all about the breathing I realized that was probably not the best idea. So I packed and got on the road.

I stopped at Subway on my way because I got so hungry.  I had some egg whites for breakfast and if I hadn't made so many little stops I would have made it to dad's in time for lunch. I'm glad I stopped though. It's Februany and all foot-longs are $5. So I got my oven roasted chicken with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and honey mustard.  I asked them to wrap half to go and I ate half there.

When I got to the house the Nationwide race at Daytona was on. And yes, Tony Stewart was racing today. I had hoped to study, but the race was on and then the Syracuse/Georgetown game was coming on at 4. I would not be able to focus. So I knitted a little and watched the race.

I'm sure you've seen the news by now. On the last lap there was a horrific accident. All of the drivers are okay, but one car hit the fence. His engine and a front wheel burst through the fence while another wheel flew over it into the stands. Tony Stewart (call me!) won, and in fact was the only driver to cross the finish line, but there was no celebration.  Basically for the last 5 hours I've been following the news. It's not good. some people were seriously hurt. 

And the game..well that SUCKED!  I don't know what happened to my Orange, but they did not show up to play today. :-(  Thank goodness Tony won. That was the one bright spot on my sad sports day.

So we went out to dinner. I picked my favorite place Tequila Mockingbird...I needed a margarita!

Before we went out I changed my pants. I was wearing sweatpants, but I knew that I needed to put on some jeans or I would over eat. I needed the waist to give me some boundaries.

I ordered my frozen strawberry margarita (I really did look for a skinny, but didn't see one on the menu). I flip flopped on my dinner, but I chose a pretty awesome salad: Grilled chicken, avocados, corn and black bean salsa, cucumbers, and romaine lettuce. I substituted the ranch dressing for a caribbean vinaigrette. It was yummy. I was pretty happy that it didn't come in a taco shell. I love the fresh salsa at this place. I have a hard enough time with the tortillas and salsa while we wait for our food.

I didn't have that much though and then when the food came I was very happy with it. It was yummy!  I made the mistake of eating all of the good stuff instead of splitting it in half. So when I was full and done the only thing left was lettuce. Dang...not really worth a to-go box. Oh well.

So my food was good and my drink was tasty...and all I wanted to do when we were done was take off my pants. Seriously I could not get up the stairs fast enough to change when we got home. When I unbuttoned the jeans I suddenly thought that maybe going pantless was the answer....bah..I need to burp!

I put on my sweatpants though and brought my laptop down to blog. Just as I opened it up my dad mentioned that there was ice cream in the freezer if I wanted any...I have been sitting here for an hour thinking about it. It's my cheat day. I shouldn't. Today was sucky emotionally though. I shouldn't. Today's a scheduled cheat day though. I shouldn't. I want to though.

Tomorrow is the Daytona 500. Good luck Tony! 

Have a Blessed Night.

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