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The Biggest Loser Season 14 - Episode 7

It's Week 7 on the Biggest Loser Ranch...and it's about to start getting Cray Cray!

Last week the Blue team voted off David. The first thing my girl Gina said was "They're stupid for not voting me off." And I've got to agree.

And then Allison walks in and tells them that they are going to Singles. Let the games begin!

As singles they all get new color shirts.

Alex - Green
Gina - Purple
Danni - Pink
Jackson - Yellow
Michael - Grey
Jeff - Aqua
Francelina - Orange
Joe - Maroon

It's Valentine's week and it's no surprise that this is the first week with a Temptation challenge.

Everyone walks into a room with all sorts of treats on the table. Cakes. Cupcakes. Chocolates.  Gina spies a piece of Red Velvet cake that is 580 calories. She mentions that it is half the size of the pieces she used to eat.

Michael confesses that there were many times that he would buy 6 cupcakes for people on his way home and in the 30 minute drive he would eat them all.

*Americans eat 58 million pounds of chocolate a year*

So back to the temptation. Whoever eats the most calories will get a 2lb advantage on the scale this week. They will also get to give a 2 lb advantage to another player.  And since love is blind, the lights will be turned off.

Allison puts on night vision goggles and for ten minutes she watches what happens. Francelina and Alex start right away.

Jackson says that the trainers have been drilling in to their heads that Sugar is bad. I love it when Micheal sits down to avoid the temptation. Danni one-ups him though and lays down to do crunches.

Jeff says that he's not a sweets eater, but he eats some anyway. 

Gina fakes them all out. She makes noises and they all think that she's eating. She says that they are stupid because she is diabetic. She would end up in a coma if she eats.

In the end, Jeff eats 3 pecan clusters for a total of 270 calories.  Alex ate 1036 calories and Francelina ate 1150.  If Alex had  finished her brownie she would have won. "It only works if you win."  Francelina gives the other 2lbs to Alex for working for it. 

Jackson is upset. Francelina is his best friend in the house and realizes that now that it's an Individuals games you can't count on anyone.

Michael says that it's obvious that no one feels safe. Danni tells Gina that she's worried. She and Francelina have pulled the same weights and now she will have a 2 lb advantage. Michael starts to wonder if they should have eliminated Gina last week.

Follow up
Lisa is STUNNING in a beautiful bright blue dress. She has now lost 79 lbs and her husband has lost over 60 lbs. Dreams do come true.

Check in with the Kids

Jillian signed Sunny up for a Bollywood class. Can you say JEALOUS????  Sunny has always wanted to dance Bollywood style, but she's always been embarrassed.

Bob asks Biingo how his foot is doing. He's been in a boot for 6 out of the 7 weeks they have been working together. He tells Biingo that when he is better he will get a tryout for a baseball team.

Dolvett tells Lindsay that she will be an honorary member of the high school cheeleading team. "Keep working hard and your dreams will come true."

Back on the Ranch

The trainers hear about the temptation challenge and Jillian is Pissed that Alex ate.

The trainers pick who they are going to work out with:

Dolvett: Michael and Gina
Jillian: Alex, Francelina, and Jeff "If you play you have to pay"
Bob: Danni, Jackson, and Joe

Jillian and Jeff start bickering again. Jeff observes that whatever she sees in him she thinks that he needs to fix it in order to win. Then they sit down and finally talk. Jeff admits that his dad died when he was 17 and he never cried. He thought it was his job to take care of the family. His father found out on Christmas Eve that he had bone cancer and six weeks later he passed away.  Jillian says that he needs to change the way he responds to events.

Back with the Kids

Sunny is enjoying class.
Lindsay is practicing with the cheerleaders.
Biingo is depressed over his boot. It's holding him back.

Sunny is feeling lost and struggles in class, but she sticks with it and has fun.
Lindsay is put front and center and is scared, but she has fun.
Biingo gets the boot off!

Team Challenge

The winner gets a visit from 1 family member on the Ranch for 24 hours. And they get to pick one other person to get a visit from a family member.

The challenge is in a stadium. The spotlight will shine somewhere in the stadium and they must run to it. The last person into the light is eliminated. When it is down to 3 people then the first person to the light wins.

The eliminations go: Gina, Jackson, Mike, and Alex. Then it is Joe, Danni, and Francelina in the finals. Danni wins and gives the other family visit to Gina. But, then she gives her own to Michael.

Gina is nervous about her husband coming. She says it's like being on a first date.  Michael's wife brings their son. She says that she's never seen him this small.

Gina and her husband go on a picnic and she tells him that she needs to love her self. He is so cute and brings her wedding ring for her. She hasn't been able to wear it two years. She was 140 lbs when they got married five years ago. Since then she'd gained 100 lbs.

Dolvett goes for a walk with Michael and his wife. He asked her how she felt about his previous weight. She says that "Unfortunately she never verbalized that she was scared." Dolvett tells her that she needs to take this journey with Michael.

America's Challenge

Former BL winner Oliva and her husband make it a point to have a healthy and active date once a week.  For this date they are taking trapeze classes.

*For the Month of February Walgreens is offering free blood pressure tests*

Last Chance Workout

Bob is mad at Alex. He says that "Now is the time! What you are showing me is not much."

Weigh In

Francelina started at 217 lbs and now weighs 213 lbs for a total for 4 lbs with a 2 lb advantage - 2.76%
Alex started at 204 lbs and now weighs 198 lbs for a total of 6 lbs with a 2 lb advantage - 3.92%
She's pretty happy to be in One-derland
Danni started at 207 lbs and now weighs 201 lbs for a total of 6 lbs - 2.90%
Joe started at 291 lbs and now weighs 279 lbs for a total of 12 lbs - 4.12%
Jeff started at 323 lbs and now weighs 312 lbs for a total of 11 lbs - 3.41%
Gina started at 193 lbs and now weighs 184 lbs for a total of 9 lbs - 4.66%
Jackson started at 279 lbs and now weighs 266 lbs for a total of 13 lbs - 4.66%
Bob said that in all of the years on the show not too many people have surprised him, but Jackson did. He's got a little athlete in him.
Michael needs to lose over 10 pounds to stay safe. If not then Danni is safe.
Michael started at 363 lbs and now weighs 353 lbs for a total of 10 lbs.

It's Michael vs. Francelina

How the votes went down:
Danni voted for Michael
Alex voted for Francelina
Gina voted for Michael
Jeff voted for Michael

Michael is shocked that he's going home. He thought that the Blue team would have his back.

Jeff says that he did it for himself. He's finally putting himself first.

Michael says that the old Michael was slowly committing suicide with his eating.


Michael started the Biggest loser at 444 lbs. He now weighs 320 lbs. He lost 124 lbs and looks amazing!  He has his whole family going to Planet Fitness together. He also wanted to recommit to his family so he and his wife have a recommitment ceremony.

Next week
If they lose 70lbs as a group no one will be elminated

Have a Blessed Night.

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