Monday, February 27, 2012

NASCAR is back...I recharged at the beach...all is right with the world

FINALLY!!!  30 hours later The Daytona 500 is finally here!

All I'm saying is that it has completely thrown off my schedule.  I say all of the time that planning ahead and finding a routine is very important.  Usually I can handle when a curve ball is thrown at me.  This weekend I don't know what happened.

I will say that in addition to falling asleep during the Syracuse game the other night, I also fell asleep during the Oscars last night.  I opted to go to the later church service yesterday and sleep in so I'm not sure what happened last night.  I also had a "weather contingent" clause in my PTO request for today.  Originally I asked for the morning off so that I could stay at Dad's after the race and enjoy the day rather than just bolt out the door at the checkered flag.  I then put in a "if the race is rained out I would like to make it a full day" so that I can watch the race.  I exercised that clause and let myself sleep in a little this morning.

I finally feel human again.  I knew I was out of gas on saturday morning, but I guess I didn't realize just how bad it was.  My body was exhausted and so was my brain.  Because I couldn't focus I let the change in routine get to me.

I could have gone to the gym this morning, but instead I packed up my car and went to the beach.  I walked out on the sand and took pictures then came back and sat on the boardwalk for a little while.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing.  I got in rhythm with the waves.  I felt recharged.

My head was clear again, but I had a problem.  I was starving.  My original plan was to go to subway and then go home.  When I switched it up to going to the beach my options changed.  There is a Subway, but it's closed for the season.  My options were limited. Basically, I could go for pizza or burgers.  I opted to go to Five Guys Burgers. I'm pissed at myself for not thinking ahead on this, but again my head was not clear.  So I made the best of it.  I got the small burger with no fries.  I ate the peanuts instead.  I was fine with that.  It's not the best choice, but it could be worse.

So now I could have gone to the gym when I got home today too.  But, I obviously had a brain meltdown for a reason.  So I took the time to knock out some things on my to do list.  Taxes DONE!  WOO WOO!  I could pull out the step during the race and hit it, but I think I will just pull out the weights and do some abs too.  Usually Wednesday is my day of Rest, but I got the email that lunchtime Bible Study is cancelled so I can walk that day :-)  See, planning ahead.
So in addition to my brain malfunctioning this weekend, I wanted to talk about a few things that happened.  First, when we went to some friends for dinner on Saturday night a couple of people asked me something that I loved.  Two separate people asked if I was down there for a "5k or marathon"?  I love that people associate that with me now.  YEAH!

Second, today is my dad and stepmom's wedding anniversary.  For their gift I got them a digital picture frame and spent a lot of time this weekend loading the disk for them.  I was going through lots of pictures. WOW.  Some made me cringe.  What really got me was that there were pictures from just a couple of years ago that I thought I looked awesome at the time and all I could think now was "Man I look soooo much better than that!".   Go me!  It's a slow progress for a reason.  It's easier to keep it off when it's a slow loss.

Third, did you watch the Oscars?  It's always a favorite night of mine.  I'll admit, I love the glam.  This year was different.  I saw some of those gowns and actually thought "oh I would look good in that".  It was a nice feeling.  That's not what I wanted to comment on though.  Maybe I'm extra sensitive, but comments do not go unnoticed by me.  Did you hear Billy Crystal's song in the beginning when he was singing about everyone?  He made two comments about Jonah Hill's weight.  I was sooo upset.  The first was about how much smaller he is now than when he was in Moneyball.  The guy looks awesome!  Why do you have to point that out?  Then the second was that if he loses there will be cupcakes in the back.  NOT COOL BILLY!  The irony is that he lost weight and there were larger nominees that didn't get made fun of....just sayin'.  Does that mean he was safe because he lost the weight?  ARGH.     

So now I must's time to focus back on the race.  I need to send all of my positive energy to Tony Stewart...this is the year he's going to call.  I can feel it!  TONY STEWART CALL ME!

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