Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Biggest Loser - Week 6

I am not going to lie.  The first 10 minutes of the episode I kept flipping over to the basketball game.  It was more Drama Drama Drama.

I was going to stick with the game, but I came back.  I'm glad I did.  After the drama died down there was a challenge.  Each team had to hold on to a rope over their head.  The rope was linked to a weight hanging over the pool.  If they let go of the rope and the weight dropped, it would drop their trainer in the water.  If they dropped their trainer they would be without him for the week.

The teams struggled for 30 minutes.  Eventually Mark on the red team dropped his.  Everyone was shocked.  The Red held in there for a few more minutes and then couldn't take it any more.  Dolvett went into the water.

Cut to the gym and Kim picked up the slack.  As a former Olympian she took it upon herself to put together workouts and step into Dolvett's shoes.

This was the first week that I liked her.  She did awesome.  She stepped up and motivated her team.  Of course Dolvett was watching on video.  He was impressed with her, but not impressed with the attitudes of the team.  Santa looks like he has dropped off.  Conda...well...let's just say that he whipped out a paper with 13 complaints she made while he was watching.

Cut over to the Black team.  Bob took them on a hike.  Take ME on a hike Bob!!! At the halfway point Daphne realized she was in last place.  She had a talk with Bob who reminded her that she was at week 2 on the ranch while everyone was at week 6.  Then he reminded the team about that and that it was their responsibility to encourage her and help her.

At the end of the hike they had a special lunch.  They were taken to a restaurant and were asked what they would have normally eaten: pink pasta, steak, chicken tenders with ranch, pancakes, side salad, poppers, cupcakes... Each person averaged over 3000 calories per meal.  My jaw dropped.  It made me sick to hear them.

What they learned at the restaurant is that even the "healthy" options may not be "healthy".  They can also order special preparations.  Order the egg white omlet Dry "without butter or oil".  Have the dressing on the side.  You can eat out, just be smart about it.

The weigh in started with 45 minutes left in the show.  That can't be good.  Drama drama drama.  The Red team was up first.  Conda dropped 8 pounds.  It's about time.  Everyone else was between 5-9.  They did really well.  Kim was nervous because she spent the whole time worrying about everyone else's workout.  She dropped 5.  Good job Kim.  Adrian lost 9.  That was great, but would it be enough?

The Black team stepped up.  The ladies had some good numbers.  The team needed to average 7lbs each to win.  The ladies were doing just that.  And then the boys each pulled out double digits.  Red team is going to elimination.

I am not going to lie.  I muted the whole thing.  I don't care what they had to say. Yes, Adrian had a hard time using his ears to listen, but he was right.  He was never welcomed back.  He really never had a chance.

No surprise.  He goes home.  I saw Mark running after him, but I still did not un-mute.

I LOVED his at home.  Boy has lost 100 lbs.  His little girl is adorable and there is another baby on the way.  He is working out and eating right. AND he's got a non-profit group for kids and he's teaching them to eat healthy.  GO ADRIAN.  Pay it forward.

So the previews for next week....More Drama.  ARGH.  If I wanted drama I would watch The Bachelor.
****Please note****
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