Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Survive Mondays: Deep breaths and Happy Places

Happy Monday My Lovelies and My fabulous Gents,

Today was a LONG Monday.  I won't go into details.  Let me just say that I was extremely happy for 5pm to come.   My positive thinking helped me today because normally my reaction to today's events would have been to tense up and turn to chocolate.  Instead, I took deep breaths all day and went to my happy place (Hawaii with Tony Stewart...who will be on Tim Allen's show tomorrow night...Holla!).

By 3 o'clock I had the makings of a headache though.  It's not surprising considering how much time I have spent in front of a computer lately.  I really need to get back to my computer-free Sundays.  You really do need a break from technology every now and then.

So tonight was supposed to be Belly Dancing night.  I really wasn't feeling it.  The headache started to go away, but I just didn't get the feeling for a BD night.  I needed to do something though.  Choir starts back up on Wednesday so that is my day off.  I almost considered running home for my gym bag, but my legs need a rest and Syracuse was playing tonight.  Certain games I can watch on the treadmill, but I learned from the Ravens game that sometimes it's dangerous for me. (almost fell off during a Ray Rice run).
Then I considered popping in a yoga dvd to stretch out and relax. I needed it after today.  But, I got home in record time and came up with a new plan.  I would blitz for an hour and straighten/clean/organize.  That always makes me feel better and functional.  And then I would do arm weights and abs.  I hadn't done them in a while and I really needed to.  Besides, I could do them during the game.

So here's the fun part.  Usually when I am doing them I watch my form in the full length mirror on the side of me. OMG...I looked fantastic!  I know you're probably getting sick of this, but sometimes I really can't believe my new body.  I can see a major difference in my body from just 3 months ago.  It's so exciting.

I used to lift all of the time.  I had taken a Group Power class in Charlotte that I fell in love with.  LOVE.  It was the best class ever.  I even created a playlist from the songs and bought my own bar and weights to recreate it.  I used to hate my arms.  I would not be caught dead in a sleeveless shirt.  Now, I'll rip off all of my sleeves. And if you were here I would be asking you if you wanted to feel my biceps.

I had cut back on my arms when I started focusing on walking/running.  I didn't stop completely, but I definitely cut back.  The good news is that all of that cardio helped with the icky flabby part by the armpit.  It's above the tricep and there is no muscle there. No lifting will get rid of it...only cardio.

Now sadly it was a strain to hit my old reps tonight, but I completed them.  I need to make sure I get back in to this.  I tend to skip the arm weights at the gym because I have so many at home.  I just keep forgetting to do them.  So if I don't mention it keep on me.  Although Gym Crush #1 and #2 both have amazing arms so it's kind of a little incentive :-)

So if you read this blog often you know I went to Syracuse and I live for college basketball.  Currently they are 2nd in the country and are having an amazing season (and another big win tonight). All of their games have been televised lately and I have been able to enjoy them.    I have also been able to work my abs during them.  The Big East is a very competitive conference and the games are almost always close even against unranked teams.  Too much pride.   So right now I would like to give a shout out to the Syracuse Orange for being so freakin Awesome...and for working my abs. HaHa.  I get so tense during the whole game that my abs hurt by the time the game is over.  It's a whole new workout. They don't play again until Sunday so I'll be on my own for my own my ab workouts.  Although Qualifying for the Daytona 500 is next week...Tony Stewart CALL ME!

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