Thursday, February 2, 2012

I overslept this shower...hope I don't smell...

WAHOO!  Can I get an Amen for Thursday?  AMEN!  Come on Friday...I am SOOOO ready for you!

So you may have noticed that I didn't have a post last night (the biggest loser doesn't count...that's usually a bonus post).  Well if you remember earlier in the week I did some overtime.  We had some not so fun news at work so I wanted to get some Overtime in while that was still an option.

I had planned on going to the gym.  I had given up free tickets to the new Katherine Heigel movie the night before because I wanted to get in as many workouts as possible before the Plunge this weekend.  It was a tough call, but my knee had bothered me on the elliptical the night before so I was leaning towards taking the night off.  Then I found out that I had a book in at the library.  So I would need to stop there too.  I decided to take the night off from the gym and hit Subway and the store for some veggies before the library.  Then I got a text from gym pal Lisa.  She was not supposed to be going to the gym, but she was going to put in a quick hour.  Dang it.  I want to go!  But, I took my mind out of it.  Luckily she said I did deserve the night off...and I did.  Besides, I did a 30 minute walk at lunch so I got a little something in.

So I did my overtime.  This threw off my whole schedule.  I'm used to showering at night now.  I should  have showered last night.  I SO should have.  I did not.  And it bit me in the a$$.  Cut to 7:54 am when I woke'm supposed to be at work at 8am.  *insert Scream*.  If I had showered last night I would have set the back up alarm.  I tend to sleep in a little longer when I shower at night.  So not only did I oversleep (I found my phone underneath me so I obviously grabbed for it, but I have no recollection of it) but there was not time for a shower....I'm going to cry.

Let me say first that I've worked very hard at elminating negativity in my life lately.  I try not to complain or talk about others.  I walk away when others start getting negative.  It's amazing how good I feel.  This morning should have stressed me out like crazy, but I took a deep breath and just went with the flow.  GO ME!

I made it to work only an hour late. I would have asked to work from home, but we had yoga today.  I needed to get to the office for it.  I didn't think I looked too bad, but by lunch time my hair looked so greasy it was icky.  I kept asking Barb, who sits next to me if I smell.  Lol. She said no...and then proceeded to spray me with body spray...not sure how to take that.

So tonight I needed to make up an hour of time.  I asked if I could do it after the gym.  I would probably cut the gym time a little short.  I did my yoga and I am going at lunch time tomorrow...but the real reason is that I wanted to be home and showered in plenty of time for The Big Bang Theory :-)

When I got to the gym there were lots of machines open.  Sweet.  I ran and changed.  In the five minutes I was gone, they were almost all filled. FOILED.  I grabbed a treadmill, but really wanted an elliptical.  I did my mile run and then a few ellipticals opened up.  So I jumped off, cleaned off my machine, and hauled it over to a free elliptical.  There were several open, but one was under a fan.  I needed a shower before the gym, I can't imagine what my sweat smelled like after my run.  PLEASE don't let any of my Gym crushes be here....

I was  going to put in 45 minutes on the elliptical.  The first problem was that the tv in front of me was killing me.  For some reason the local ABC channel put on an hour of infomercials instead of the and then a hair plug infomercial.  I had no focal point so I was floundering all over with my speed.  I was falling into a daydreams (mainly about how great a shower would feel) and just falling off pace.  About 30 minutes in my toes were starting to hurt.  I didn't want to push it and hurt my feet with my 5K coming up on Saturday.  So I pushed it to 40 minutes and then called it a night.

Naturally as I was walking to get the cleaner I spotted Gym Crush #1 on the treadmill behind me...BAH!  I hope he couldn't smell me. 

I finished my hour of work tonight and I'm ready for bed.  I need to go now so that I can set 5 alarms...Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

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