Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Come on people...Let's Get Naked!

Happy Hump Day Bleeps!

So here's a funny thing.  My old company is famous for blocking websites.  They used to be able to access my blog, but it is now blocked for "pornography" content.  HaHaHaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Not sure where they are looking, but okay.  I'll give the people what they want.

Get naked!

The Former Fat girl was practically a vampire.  The only mirrors I had would show my face only.  I never owned a mirror long enough to see my whole body.  Why would I want to look at it?  It made me depressed.  Shoot, I hardly ever got dressed or undressed with the lights on. And showers?  Oh well they were as fast as possible.  Gravity is not your friend in the shower.

You would think I would want the long mirrors so that I could see how the clothes looked on me.  Did they look horrible?  Well if I couldn't see it then they weren't that bad.  My mind could actually talk myself into believing that no matter what I was wearing, I was as skinny as Reece Witherspoon.

As important as facing the scale is, facing your body is more important. I can forgive a bad day on the scale if I can really look at my body and see the goodness. Get to know your body.  I have been able to enjoy my transformation more because I have looked at my body closely.  I can see the smaller thighs.  I can see the shrinking belly.  I can see the defined shoulders.  And my back? Heck yeah, it's looking so much better.

So my favorite part of the day used to be the moment before my shower.  I would see how small my belly could be.  By the end of the day, no matter what I did, it always looked a size or two bigger.  I would get depressed when I would see my "post day" body.  Blah.

I don't know what I've changed.  Perhaps it's the severe intake of water or cutting out the sugar, but my pre and post day bodies are almost the same :-)  It does get a little swollen after a good workout, but that's to be expected.

So back to my legs.  I loved my legs before, but I'm in love with them now.  Gone is the cottage cheese!  I know that people say that you can't really get rid of cottage cheese (do not even THINK about buying those stupid creams that say you can get rid of it...go ahead and just give me the money instead, at least someone will get something out of it).  You can.  Wanna know how?  Exercise and cut out the sugar.  BAM!  Instant success.

And now to my boobs.  My boobs used to be ginormous.  They hurt.  It really is true that you lose it in your boobs early.  For me it took a little while, but it happened.  They are still quite impressive, but now they look right.  They are actually in proportion for my body.  I have curves.  My belly is getting smaller and tighter so my boobs look normal now.  HOLLA!  Who doesn't want normal boobs?

And for goodness sakes, we have not discussed my butt in a while.  HECK YEAH!  It's nice and round.  ROUND I tell you.  I can stare at it all day long now.  I did get caught checking it out a couple of times in the bathroom at work.  HaHa.  I have been known to back into people and tell them it's okay to grab it (lady friends....I'm not that forward...although I could use that on Gym Crush #1...)

The main reason I say to get to know your body is this: when your body gets smaller everything gets smaller.  For me my belly is still a problem.  It looks like it hasn't gotten smaller, but it has.  I look at the rest of my body and can see it. 

So go ahead and get naked.  Take a look at yourself.  Take a real good look.  Is this the body you want?  Then look at it as you work hard.  You'll see the difference and you'll be much happier with it.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.


  1. so you have cut out all sugar from your diet? how long have you been doing this for? did you notice a big difference once you did?

  2. I haven't cut it 100%. But, I cut out at least 80%. I broke through my plateau once I took it seriously. I still indulge in my occasional starbucks and cookie, but for the most part I cut it out of my every day. I saw a difference fairly quickly. You have to know that I consumed massive amounts before though.