Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Fat Tuesday!

What a great name for a celebration....NOT!

Tomorrow is the beginning of Lent.  Are you giving something up?  I used to give up candy and Diet Dr. Pepper.  What the heck can I give up now that would be a sacrifice?  The gym?  My blog? Bah.   I could give up chocolate, but I barely have any these days.  I think we know the answer is Starbucks.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I did not know until this very moment that I was going to do that.  If I had then I would have gone today.  Can I amend my statement?  Is it cheating if I say that their roasted veggie panini and iced non-sweetened green teas are okay? I can give up the mochas, the chai teas, and the caramel macchiatos.  I can do this.

So I made it through the Valentine's Day deluge of candy.  Don't you love how quickly the Easter candy replaces it?  There's not even a moment to breathe.  When I think of all of the money I spent on Easter candy over the years...GAH!  Oh don't be fooled.  We're talking at least $20 a year....all for me.  I didn't give it away.  I ate every last bite.

Last year I bought some Gertrude Hawk candy for a fundraiser from my little Girlfriend Addie.  I spent $18 on TWO boxes of chocolate.  WHAT?  I only did it because it was for her music program at school.  At least that's what I told myself.  I got one box of Dark Chocolate covered coconut eggs and one box of raspberry smidgens.  The plan was to take them down to my mom's for Easter weekend.  I did that...but the coconut eggs came back with me.

Now when I walk through the aisles of Easter candy I develop a split personality.  The former fat girl loses her mind and wants to grab every bag that she can.  The new fit girl's stomach turns at the massive amounts of sugar.  I'm proud of that second reaction.  I'm ashamed of that first reaction.  I've come soooooo far and yet I fall right back into that destructive mind set.

Instead of buying the candy now, I use that $20 for myself.  Maybe I buy myself a dvd.  Maybe I buy myself a new candle.  Today I spent my $20.  I went to the mall at lunch to go get a new pair of sneakers (more on that in a minute).  I had to walk past Old Navy on my way out.  So I just popped in and YEAH the jeans were on sale for $19.  So I got a pair of incentive jeans.  HOLLA.  I also got a coupon for 3 more pairs of jeans for the same price through the end of May.  I am going to bust my A$$ to get into new jeans for the summer.

I also got a little bag for the summer.  It's just a simple bag that goes over one shoulder and crosses across the body.  I avoided these bags forever.  Why would I want to stretch something across my body like that?  I felt like my boobs and my belly just pushed it out.  I preferred the big fancy purse that will draw the attention away from the belly.  DUH.   I am excited now.  I can't wait to use it :-)

Okay, we all know I put the miles on my sneakers.  My Half Marathon sneakers are toast now.  They lasted me a full 3 months. I've been having the issues with my toes on the elliptical so I wanted to get a new pair of sneakers.  I love my Reebox Realflex.  I wanted to get a pair of the Reebox Zig Techs.  It's in the same family so I was hopeful that I could avoid the blisters.  Well Happy Fat Tuesday to me!  I found a pair of hot pink Zig Techs in my size in the clearance section for 30% off...and I had a $10 coupon.  HOLLA!  I got them.  Sadly, my toes still hurt tonight.  I think I need to give the elliptical a rest before I give myself a stress fracture. 

Good luck surviving Easter Candy season (remember that I'm here for you if you need me).  Think about other treats that you can give yourself instead.  And if you're giving something up for Lent, use this as the start you need.  Give up fast food.  Give up soda.  Give up smoking.  Give up sugar.  Give up the bad habits and move forward.

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