Monday, February 6, 2012

Making Amends Monday

The best thing about Mondays is that you can start fresh and make amends for the bad choices you made over the weekend.  YEAH MONDAY!

So this weekend was full of poor food choices, but I tried to make up for it today.  For breakfast I had cheerios, skim milk, and a banana.  Now I will say that I got cheap and got the Target Cheerios and they taste like cardboard.  Just go ahead and spend the money on the real stuff.

I did not walk at lunch because I took a friend to the mall. She needed to get a few things.  As we were walking around she wanted us to go in to Hollister.  Bah.  She always makes me go in there.  I told her that it makes me feel like I'm 80 years old when I'm in there.  She said that it's okay because I can wear the clothes now.  HAHAHA...when we walked in they had some yoga pants on sale for $20.  I got talked into trying them on.  I had such a good experience in the fitting room on Saturday.  This was not such a good experience.  They weren't quite yoga pants.  They were more like shiny stretch pants.  They fit, but they looked horrible.  No thank you.

When we got back to the office I ate my yummy lunch: Ham/swiss on a small whole wheat roll with mustard, carrots, apples, and a light and fit yogurt.  I'm feeling pretty good at this point.  I could stand to drink more water, but I did have 30 oz at work.  I wasn't worried though.  I would drink the rest later in the night.

Now Mondays are usually Belly Dancing night.  But, I got the call to see if I was going to the gym tonight so I opted to push Belly Dancing back a few days (we're expecting snow in a couple of days so that feels like a good day for me).  I hit no traffic and was on the elliptical by 5:45 tonight.  I am still quite tired so the plan was for just an hour.  Gym Crush #1 was not there tonight, but Gym Crush #2 was :-)  Luckily I saw him after I saw the pizza boxes.  I completely forgot that the First Monday of the Month is Pizza night at the gym.  BAHHHHH.

I was strong when I left and ate my protein bar as I passed the counter full of pizza boxes in the lobby.  Note to self - Do NOT go to the gym on March 5.

I was tired and hungry when I got home.  I did not do the grocery shopping that I wanted to during lunch and I had not defrosted any of my chili. Quite frankly, I was too impatient to make some garden pasta.  I had purchased a sesame chicken lean cuisine last week.  I try not to get them too often because I feel like I'm falling back into bad habits. 

Eating them every now and then is an okay option.  For so many years that's what I was eating every night and often for lunch.  They aren't fresh and they are loaded with sodium.  They are the reason that I was not losing as much weight as I could when I first started working out.

I'm disappointed that I didn't have something a little better for me.  I know I'm going to wake up hungry. 

On a scale of 1-10 I give myself an 8 for today.  I could have pushed myself for another 30 minutes at the gym and I could have had a much better dinner.  However, compared to this weekend today's choices were a 10.

****Please note****
If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.


  1. I used to eat those frozen meals all the time too. I really try to only eat them now in a pinch because they are so loaded with crap and sodium.

    And I cannot believe your gym has free pizza on the first Monday of the month. That is nuts... I wouldn't be able to go NEAR that place on that day ha ha

  2. Yeah, it makes me so mad. Completely defeats the purpose of being there.