Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Biggest Loser Rumor

Hello Bleeps!

So this morning I heard a report on the radio this morning that got me all fired up.  Now I will say that the radio was reporting on something reported by TMZ.  So this may not be accurate.  And I hope that it isn't.  I REALLY hope they got this wrong.

They are reporting that the there was a "mutiny" amongst the final contestants after learning that the Producers were planning on bringing back some voted off contestants to compete for the $250,000.

Where do I begin?  First of all, check yourself people.  This is a GAME.  The producers can throw in any twist that they want.  Second of all, if you are that pissed off about this "twist" than you don't deserve to be there.  The point is to change your lifestyle. If you do that, then you're a winner no matter how much money you win.

So now what brought on this twist?  Oh I'm going to say the huge backlash they are getting for this season.  I am The Biggest Loser's Biggest Fan!  And I am disgusted with this season.  Is it just the editing this season?  Has it been like this for every other season and this time they are just editing it for ratings?  I don't think so.  I just don't.

I will say this: Jillian Michaels would have kicked their Asses for this.  I love Bob and Dolvett, but they are no Jillian.  I would love to see her come back and knock them around.  Shoot, just give me five minutes with them and I would happy to do that.

The latest report said that 2 contestants walked off the set and were since cut loose.  I have my suspicions of who it is, but I have no proof so I won't voice them.
Believe me, the Irony of the "No Excuses" theme for the season is not lost on me.  It has been nothing but excuses.  ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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