Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cutting out Soda/Sugar/Candy

Hello my Lovelies...and Gents, you hear that?  It's my body thanking me for my day of rest.  I have been busting it hard Bleeps.  And my body is tired. Giving myself a day of rest every week is extremely important.  Your body needs that day to regroup and refresh.

And to be honest, quite frankly I'm burnt out right now.  Between work, overtime, the gym, and the blog I haven't really had time to get anything else done. Any free time I've had in the past week has resulted in me sitting in practically a catatonic state.   So I will continue with my day of rest from the gym and give myself another day of rest from the Blog once a week.  I hope you don't mind.  I love writing this and I take my "inspiration" seriously.  Knowing that I motivate so many of you to make positive changes is the greatest thing in the world to me right now. :-)  I love talking to you all on facebook and twitter.

So you'll be happy to know that I made it through the day without a Starbucks run.  1 day down...only 39 to go!  Go me!  We had a lot of discussions today about what we were giving up.  Many people brought up candy and soda.  Sadly, some did not make it.  Soda was consumed before lunch.

Giving up caffeine or sugar is soooooo hard.  It's an addiction.  I have kicked the caffeine habit.  It amazes me.  Over the years I drank more Diet soda than is humanly possible.  I could not even guess how much if you held a gun to my head.   But, I will say that it was over 2 liters a day. Ugh...I shudder to think about it.  The damage that I did to my insides?  I am SOOOOOOO SORRY.

Giving it up was difficult.  I fell asleep during a matinee on day one.  I had the shakes on day too.  My mouth was watering for it weeks.  I had a headache from the caffeine withdrawal.  It hurt.  But, eventually I kicked the habit.  The only time I crave it now is when I have chips and salsa .  I don't even want it any more.  I sleep much better.  People, I used to wake up and chug back gulps of it because I was so dehydrated.  Um...that is why I was dehydrated.  Now, I drink so much water/crystal light all day that I am hydrated.  I have not woken up "thirsty" in a couple years.

Sugar/candy?  Well that's harder to kick. I do know that when I have one bite it makes me want so many more.  So that keeps me from indulging.  The more you have something the more your body is going to crave it when you deprive it.  My body does not crave the sugar any more.  It's my brain that does.  It's part of the retraining my brain. 

I think my brain is always going to want the sugar.  I've accepted that.  I've also accepted that I'm getting stronger at this.  So if you are struggling, please know that you aren't alone.  It's tough.  It sucks.  It Really Sucks.  It is possible though.  It will just take time.  Well time and commitment.  If you are serious about it, you cannot half commit. 

Don't cut down the sugar/sweets.  Cut it out completely.  Try it for a month.  Make sure everyone knows though. My friends and family all know about this struggle now.  They are all well aware of how I feel.  They are thinking twice before offering it to me.  That is a tremendous help.  You can do it on your own, but it's sooooo much easier with a support system.

There is no shame in trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. None.  A friend of mine is trying to eat healthy, but she's having a hard time.  The other day she came into her office to find an egg mcmuffin on her desk.  Someone was being nice and brought her breakfast.  While that's nice, I would like to think they wouldn't do that if they knew she was trying to make changes.  On my refrigerator we have a picture of me sticking my tongue out and the caption says "Do not feed this girl candy".  It started as a joke, but there is no question. 

Okay, my brain is starting to melt.  Earlier today I was so delirious that I told a client on the phone "love ya".  HaHa.  We had a good laugh, but I know that's a sign that I am spent.  Have a wonderful night.  Catch ya tomorrow :-)

PS-I hope this made sense.  It did in my head :-)

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  1. I don't eat a ton of sugar sweets. My "bad" food is more like pizza and tortilla chips with cheese, stuff like that.

    That being said, what besides the obvious chocolate, cookies, etc. has sugar in it? I'd like to try and cut it out, but I'm not sure what I'm eating has sugar in it.

  2. Sugar is hiding everywhere: pasta sauce, yogurt, oatmeal, most drinks, the rim of my margarita, etc. It's nearly impossibly to cut it out completely.

    My bad food is my tortilla and salsa. I have been getting the multi-grain tortilla chips and I pour out my salsa in small Pampered Chef bowl. I am not allowed to go for seconds :-)